dr strangelove analysis

While Brontë never crosses into a truly magical realm, it is clear that Lucy Snowe believes that certain […], When tyrannical governments are in charge of societies, they must eradicate possible threats to their power at all costs in order to remain in power. This setup shows the inability of the President, and thus the civilian American public, to control the military, even when they are the ones approving plans. DVD. Over a montage of a B-52 bombers in flight with escorts, the narrator explains Operation Dropkick, in which the US Strategic Air Command maintains a force of bombers airborne 24 hours a day, armed with nuclear payloads. In the War Room, Dr. Strangelove immediately begins advising a network of mine shafts for the survival of a small population. The doors open and Major Kong grabs his hat to keep it from flying off as the bomb is released. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the movie Dr. Strangelove directed by Stanley Kubrick. Mandrake begins to realize that Ripper has gone insane, as Ripper explains his belief that there is a communist conspiracy to “impurify our precious bodily fluids.”. Although LeMay’s opinion was in the minority for the general public in aftermath of the crisis, accusations of various politicians being soft on the Soviets would continue throughout the Cold War. The rest of the people in the War Room get on board with the plan, quickly abandoning any attempt to prevent the unfolding nuclear situation. “US Government Spending 2014.” US Government Spending. In the end, we see much of Strangelove’s latent Nazism come out. He explains that he did commission a study of such a project, but determined it was not practical as a deterrent, though it is relatively easy to pull off. The crew redirects to a new target, an ICBM complex at Kodlosk. The bomb reaches the ground and detonates. Naturally, each unreliable character in the film represents a separate fear or anxiety the American public had about specific institutions. The military is depicted as hotheaded, rash, and paranoid, while politicians are painted weak and ineffectual. The violent aspect of the military is unused, leading to frustration in Ripper. He is in the midst of relations with his secretary at his character’s introduction. He believes the US military has been made impotent by politicians, and that the US is not taking a hard enough stance on the Soviets. Yet the same scene could also be a criticism of the influence of corporate America on the world, rather than a comment on British cultural dependency, a nod towards who really runs the world. Released by Columbia Pictures Corp., 1963. These criticisms reflects Kubrick’s personal views, as well as many popular sentiments of the time. The amorality and latent Nazism of the American scientific community, especially those members involved in nuclear capable missile research, is symbolized in Dr. Strangelove. It is easy to interpret this as a sign of British diplomacy failing to convince the US to hold off in Vietnam or other conflicts. Suddenly a radio transmitter springs to life and delivers a code that the communicator decodes as Wing Attack Plan R. Nobody on board believes it, and Major Kong comes back to the radio himself to double check the code. By the time of the film, Britain was no longer a power on roughly equal footing with the US, but a dependent with relatively little say in what America wanted to do. He appears, and is seen by his advisers as, weak towards the Soviets, even inviting them into the war room against the advice of Turgidson. Major Kong goes down to the bomb compartment to manually open the doors himself. Consider the situation 50 years later in 2014, and defense spending was only 4.59% of GDP (Chantrill, “US Government Spending 2014”)(Chantrill, “US Government Spending 1964”). A conversation between Turgidson and the Colonel on the other end of the line ensues, with Miss Scott as the middleman, shouting information across the room so Turgidson can hear. Gaertner Humanities. If it is assumed that, as the President, Muffley also symbolizes the American public, then this ignorance of nuclear strategy and technology becomes representative of the tendency of the public towards ignorance, even in important matters. At the base, Mandrake frantically searches through Ripper’s notes, and finds a piece of paper scribbled with “Peace on Earth” and “Purity of Essence,” and realizes the code must be some variation of “P-O-E.” Suddenly, the door is shot open and Colonel “Bat” Guano enters, brandishing an M1 carbine. In contrast to both Ripper and Turgidson, Mandrake does not long for war, and he adds physical failings to moral and mental ones. The film opens with a bleak shot of mountain peaks sticking up above a sea of clouds, as a narrator explains the rumors that the Soviet Union had been working on a doomsday device. If it is assumed that Strangelove represents Germany as a whole rather than just the Operation Paperclip scientists, then his crippling and wheelchair are easily interpreted much the same as are Mandrake’s false leg and crippling. On the bomber, Major Kong and his crew switch on the radio discriminator, which prevents any communications from being received unless they are preceded by a three-letter code prefix, which we are shown is “O-P-E,” but which only Ripper knows back on the ground. This exchange shows the British as culturally dependent on American companies. De Sadesky explains the discovery of “Cobalt Thorium G,” which has a radioactive half-life of 93 years. Once it is assumed that Mandrake represents the British Empire in general and the British military in particular, his flaws are easily interpreted as criticisms of these institutions. Back at Burpleson, Ripper and his soldiers prepare to defend the base from attack; only Ripper knows that it will be US soldiers attacking. Only the audience knows what is happening in these three discrete locations, because the characters are unable to communicate with the people in one of the other settings due to the sealing of Burpleson and the radio discriminator on the bomber. However, they also occasionally work together to explore propriety in early nineteenth century England. Both the British and the Russians act as fading powers, vulnerable to the whims of the US.

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