badminton net height and width

The lights above the court are an important factor related to the success of the game, because appropriate lights can make athletes feel confident in the game. Do follow the expert player’s advice and skill. For stadiums with a height of 6-12 meters, it is recommended to use induction lamps as pendant lamps, preferably low-frequency induction lamps. Under normal use conditions, the lighting LED energy-saving lamps have a long life, and the theoretical lighting time is nearly 87,600 hours, which is 10 to 15 times that of traditional lamps. Each of the lamps has good times, and some are made with care and some are rough. People in different places have different preferences for light color temperature.

© 2020 | TACHYON Light | All Rights Reserved, 2.Badminton court lighting-Light Distribution, 3. The racket has to be high in quality no matter the price is. A bright feeling that human eyes can not adapt to in the field has a great impact on athletes, especially in badminton. There are two methods for the setting and layout of the lights: one is an incandescent light bulb, which is installed over the net posts on both sides of each court (no need to install a reflection device), and the total light intensity should be between 400 and 500 lux, the other is fluorescent lamp, which is required to be placed parallel to the court’s sideline and the same length. You can set the net indoor or outdoor place based on your game time. Generally speaking, in amateur stadiums, there are vertical rows of lights on both sides. The universally accepted net height, for singles and doubles play, is 5 feet in the center and 5 feet, 1 inch at the poles, which are situated just outside the court's doubles lines. To avoid interference from natural light, curtains should be hung on the top of the sports venue. There are many types of illumination standards for badminton courts.

The shape and size, depth, three-dimensionality of the target, the state of the players during exercise and the atmosphere of the badminton hall, etc. Yes, your badminton net is ready. Badminton nets are only even set up at on regulated set height, it doesn’t vary for any reason not even for Para-Badminton players.

Badminton courts should have clear boundaries. Badminton poles consist of a loop or hook to attach the net. The height of the stadium is different, so the lighting is different, and the actual lighting effect is different, too. After placing the poles, tie the net on the top of the poles. In addition to the reasonable illumination, the athletes can play normally and the referees can make accurate judgments. The lighting of the badminton court creates a more comfortable playing and viewing environment. As for the color rendering index, it is a small matter, which is not the task of the developer of the lighting fixture, it is only a matter of choosing a light source with a high color rendering index.

Since then, the courts have upgraded the lighting, replacing metal halide lamps with more advanced LED sports lighting. Illumination standard for badminton venues (GB): Amateur competition (training): 150lx-300lx, general competition: 300lx-500lx, formal competition: 500-750-higher (1500lx). It is possible to have 3-4 on each side of the stadium. Using different colors against the floor to paint off the boundaries will affect the badminton court significantly. In a comprehensive gymnasium, there are often various line interference in different venues. Just follow them correctly. Even if you saw them instantlyat the LED light source, you will also feel blinded. It will help you to set up a badminton playing surface for games in United Kingdom.

However, in international competitions, it is impossible to use two-sided row lights, overhead lights should be adopted to project, while for how to arrange the overhead lights, this must be planned and designed by a professional lighting engineer, which requires calculation. When the set-up is ready, you are now ready to play.

Your email address will not be published. The second indicator is the glare index, the smaller the better. The light source in the badminton court should ensure better color rendering and allow athletes to make more accurate judgments.

The badminton court is a rectangular field with a length of 13.40 meters, the doubles field is 6.10 meters wide, and the singles field is 5.18 meters wide. After comparing sources, the use of new LED energy-saving light strips to replace conventional metal halide lighting fixtures has greatly improved the disadvantages of conventional lighting fixtures.

The width of the court line is usually 40 mm, the color of the court line is white (preferably) , yellow or other easily distinguishable colors.

To place the poles you have to use guy wires and steaks to make the support strong. Then measure the width across by placing the third cone. Then tie the net to the poles that are standing on opposite sides. In grassroots competitions, it is also possible to play outdoors or in the stadium using natural light as long as there is no wind interference. Many badminton players don’t like the starry layout of chandeliers, mainly because they feel that the chandeliers are too dazzling and they can’t see the badminton when they look up.

Row lights are not recommended for badminton stadiums over 6 meters, on one hand, row lamps have a large light decay rate, short lamp lifespan, and high replacement frequency.

The badminton court lighting fixtures do not produce glare hazard. You can refer to below diagram for the design and layout of a standard badminton court follow the rules and requirements of Badminton World Federation (BWF). For this sports, you have to play with comfort. Your email address will not be published. By measuring the first and third cone, reconfirm with another cone. This is because, while controlling the illumination of the lights reasonably, it is also necessary to plan the distribution of the lights reasonably, and to ensure the lighting requirements of the auditorium on the premise of ensuring the athletes’ competition. By measuring the first and third cone, reconfirm with another cone. Get a help from professional players to set up the net and make sure you are following the rules. Then measure the width across by placing the third cone. Just keep the measurement, boundaries and net height proper to make the game perfect. First, it is important to what kind of play you are going to play. The most terrible thing is dazzling. Another problem is dazzling, but now this problem has been solved by the senior engineers of Shenzhen Liangcan brand, which is a great improvement. If you want to play a professional play than you have to check quality and price. A few years ago, the badminton court lighting was generally metal halide, but in the process of using, problems continued to cause considerable trouble for the badminton court! Wear snickers or gym shoes as they have a soft sole and gives you support for a long time.

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