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The whole series of past events connected with someone or something, The study of past events, particularly in human affairs, the aggregate of past events; "a critical time in the school's history", a record or narrative description of past events; "a history of France"; "he gave an inaccurate account of the plot to kill the president"; "the story of exposure to lead", the discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings; "he teaches Medieval history"; "history takes the long view", Used in discussing the significance of something that is the case, A piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article, (fact) a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred; "first you must collect all the facts of the case", (fact) a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened; "he supported his argument with an impressive array of facts", (fact) an event known to have happened or something known to have existed; "your fears have no basis in fact"; "how much of the story is fact and how much fiction is hard to tell". Both events are now held every four years, alternating with the Olympics. National Basketball Association (NBA), professional basketball league formed in the United States in 1949 by the merger of two rival organizations, the National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America. At this point, the Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur became the Fédération Internationale de Basketball, but retained FIBA as its abbreviation. History of Basketball. In 1989 FIBA opened the door to Olympic participation by professionals such as players from the NBA in the United States. The Block, The Steal, The Shot. A veteran Radio/TV broadcaster offers personal anecdotes, plus interviews/conversations with many of the brightest stars in the fascinating world of sports at all levels. It exhibits a large collection of basketball objects, books and art and it is a place to honour and remember those who made the game (Hall of Fame). Also note the side of the binder has Basketball 1957 on it when most of the other file copy books were blank. The quality of the cards is almost flawless with no background snow. : +41 22 545 00 99Mail: BASKETBALL HISTORY FACTS - PA HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL - TALL BASKETBALL PLAYER.

Naismith wrote the basic rules and then nailed a peach basket onto a 20-foot tall pole. In history the very first company of producing basketball for official use was the brand Spalding in 19 th century. 1957- 58 Topps Basketball File Copy Book Including 2 NR-MT Sets – Sold! Learn more about the history and organization of the NBA in this article. The quality of the cards is almost flawless with no background snow. The International Basketball Federation, more commonly known by the French acronym FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball), is an association of national organisations which governs international competition in basketball. With this issue, it appears that the first 2 sets off of the production line were taken and affixed in this over half century old binder. A file copy book was an archival idea devised by Woody Gelman, a Topps Company pioneer. 1957-58 Topps Basketball File Copy Book – Sold! FIBA Men's National Team Competition System, FIBA Women's National Team Competition System. The Block, The Steal, The Shot. To celebrate its 81st anniversary, the House of Basketball was inaugurated on 18 June 2013 in Mies, on the outskirts of Geneva. Copyright FIBA All rights reserved. Basketball has a long history dating back to 1891 when rules were much different than they are today. A veteran Radio/TV broadcaster offers personal anecdotes, plus interviews/conversations with many of the brightest stars in the fascinating world of sports at all levels.

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