battle of blair mountain

Robert Faturechi and Derek Willis / ProPublica, by A group of miners display one of the bombs dropped by Chafin's airplanes. The coal companies have erased this piece of history from school textbooks. [16] That afternoon, Albert and Lee along with eleven other men set out to the Stone Mountain Coal Company property. As we walked, King, a member of the Friends of Blair Mountain, an organization formed to have the site declared a national park, swept a metal detector over the soil. Their struggle ended only after approximately one million rounds were fired and the US Army intervened by presidential order. Starting in the summer of 2006, Kenneth King, a local avocational archaeologist led a team of professional archaeologists to further investigate the battlefield. Scott Ritter / TruthDig, by On May 19 of that year, members of the Baldwin-Felts detective agency arrived in the town of Matewan to evict union miners from houses owned by the Stone Mountain Coal Company. All rights reserved. During this time, Keeney and Mooney Fled to Ohio, while the fiery leader Bill Blizzard assumed quasi-leadership of the miners. Read about it. We are instructed by the power elite to worship at approved shrines — plantation estates erected for wealthy slaveholders and land speculators such as George Washington, or the gilded domes of authority in the nation’s capital. Keeney and Mooney met with Governor Ephraim Morgan, and presented him with a petition of the miners’ demands. [29] As Sid and Ed’s bodies were returned to Matewan, word of the slayings spread through the mountains. Break unions. If corporate forces can sanitize history, if they can ensure historical amnesia, then the doctrine of laissez faire economics — which in short promises that the wealthier that rich people get, the better it is for all of us — can continue to rule our lives. When Miners March (2007) contains 16 recently written songs (not music from the 1920s) from the audiobook When Miners March — The Battle of Blair Mountain. by Miners were said to have fired on Brockus and Martin’s men from the colony, and in response the state police shot and arrested miners, ripped the canvas tents to shreds, and scattered the mining families’ belongings. And we live in the biggest one on earth. All content © 2020 Truthdig, LLC. Backed by the financial support of the Logan County Coal Operators Association, Chafin created the nation’s largest private armed force of nearly 2,000 men. For the rest of the day, the hills and hollows echoed with gunfire as the union men repeatedly attacked the defenders’ lines. But I do call for direct and sustained confrontation with all formal mechanisms of power, including the Democratic Party. I also thought it was interesting that a lot of the miners only did it as seasonal work, and s. A year and a half of ambushes against cops and hired guns, a jury willing to acquit their fellow rabble despite evidence against them and one of the largest armed insurrections in US history - amazing. A separate conclusion chapter would have helped clarify the context and implications, I think. We must embrace radical politics and remain perpetually alienated from power or become a subjugated herd. West Virginia indicted 1,217 miners in the rebellion, charging some with murder and treason. Part of my personal heritage includes these coal miners, so the topic was of great interest to me. It is a reminder that citizens have a right to resist a corporate machine intent on subjugating them.

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