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An outsider's view of a mythical Scotland, written and directed by Englishmen and scored by an American, replete with songs to the extent that it's practically a musical, it's a minefield of elements that could all have gone horribly wrong. You’d be wrong. James Wan's film has led to a "Conjure-verse" series of sequels and spinoffs, including the Annabelle series and the recently released The Nun, but this remains the crown ghoul. Soon, young men are likewise terrified since she suffers from the condition “vagina dentata.” No longer just a term to describe men’s fascination and fear of female genitalia, the term in this film means actual dental teeth lying in wait for any man who takes advantage of her without her consent. Honeymoon taps into the (probably mostly male) fears of someone changing forever once you’ve pledged your life and bank account to them. It’s the sort of movie that makes you go “hot damn why has no one thought of this before,” executed with a cruel and expertly timed sense of suspense. At first the ghosts almost seem playful—stacking chairs and sliding children across floors. Part of the DMR Channel Network The Lugosi film is a creaky slow-burn, but Hammer's is a swashbuckler. Frontier(s) is now streaming on horror site Shudder, and it’s available to rent on Vudu, Amazon, and Google Play. To make things even more difficult, however, the world is populated by blind creatures that also possess a devastatingly strong sense of hearing. is a stronger film for it. Night of the Living Dead set a new standard for gore, even though you could tell some of the bones the zombies were munching came from a local butcher shop. Frank’s brother (Andrew Robinson) later moves into his house, along with his wife, Julia (Clare Higgins); and daughter, Kirsty (Ashley Laurence). “Final destination” could also conceivably mean “the grave.”. As Halloween (the day, not the John Carpenter film) looms and the nights draw in, it’s the ideal time to revisit the best scary movies ever made – horror films that draw you into nightmarish worlds, rattle your bones for a few hours, and spit you out on the other side to process the physical and emotional terrors. The screengrab just looks cool. The subtext, again, is clear: the zombies are the least of our problems in a world driven by violence and greed. Evil’s seductive tendrils are well-worn territory in horror, but Let The Right One In tackles why friendship can blind even the most innocent with cold-blooded finesse. Childhood is lonely, and when you’re poor and live in a small town, it can be even harder to find a good friend. As dehydration sets in, she begins to see visions of Gerald, taunting her, and must think of a way out. Hush has both. The character-driven drama is really about the relationship that grows between bullied Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant) and his mysterious neighbor Eli (Lina Leandersson), two tweens who share a sense of isolation—and a desire to kill. Unfortunately for Cotton, this last exorcism turns out to be less of a fraud than he anticipated. And he's helped by a combination of the simple horror of Michael Myers and the naive-yet-tough charm of Jamie Lee Curtis' heroine. It wasn't simple to wrangle everything together on a relatively tight budget, but the results are all up there on the screen. as Alfred Hitchcock’s scariest film, it really doesn’t come close to matching. Green Room is streaming on Amazon, and it’s available for rent on iTunes and Vudu. Emphasis on freaky: Hugh’s post-coital moves include knocking Jay out with chloroform, tying her to a wheelchair, and informing her that he’s "infected" her with a supernatural spirit that will follow her around until it kills her or she passes it on. It doesn’t take long for the disorientation to begin, the violence to start, or the freaks to come out. No matter, the doyen of the undead merely served up another chewy allegory for humanity's doom laden with gory moments enhanced by Tom Savini's majesterial make-up designs. Carpenter's follow-up to the classic Halloween saw some post-production tinkering to make the scares more explicit, and when you know that you can definitely spot the reshoot joins. Is it streaming? But now seems like the perfect time to revisit this horror-comedy, in which local good girl Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler), spokesperson for her local Christian abstinence group, begins to suspect that there’s something not quite right with her ladyparts. Father Lee and mother Evelyn (Emily Blunt) try to protect their children from these monsters – all the while not making a sound. Sometimes you forgot how terrifying life must have been before you could carry a flashlight everywhere you go. Included on over 20 end-of-the-year top 10 lists, Green Room is a rare critically acclaimed gore-fest. But, yes, ultimately it's scary in a way that's cranked up several notches by its eerie backdrop of Venice in off-season, weird encounters with spiritualists, and that red-coated hobgoblin. Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, and Jesse Williams star in the film, with Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford playing supporting roles. builds tension with a grace that’s rarely seen in the found-footage genre. Based on a supposedly real haunting experienced by famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. From there, the camera wanders through a house at night, a small circle of dull light revealing the interior. It can lead to crazy things, like ignoring the fact that your new best friend is a vampire. Critically praised for its nearly dialogue-free story and creative use of sound, Hush is widely regarded as a modern horror masterpiece of cinema. Best Horror Movies We went down into the crypt, opened the coffin, and summoned the 75 best-reviewed horror films of all time. Seeing your ex is always uncomfortable, but imagine if your ex-wife invited you to a dinner party with her new husband? Previously we’ve helped you out with our lists of the best horror movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO streaming. Predator), and isolationist survival horror (Alien 3). Burns' screams ring in your ears long after the exhausting last act is over, and the final shot of Leatherface dancing with his saw is an indelible image. Henry Cavill Interview: Talking Superman, Enola Holmes and missing Mission: I... BFI London Film Festival 2020: 10 Films Not To Miss At This Year's Virtual Event, The Making Of Lost: An Oral History Of The Pilot Episode. What follows is a tense and trippy exploration of fear itself. Even more terrifyingly, what if you pick the right babysitter but unbeknownst to you that’s not the person who shows up to your house that night? Look out, kids! rasps Lorna Raver's Hungarian gypsy at Alison Lohman's bank employee, who's made the unfortunate mistake of not granting her another extension on her mortgage. Be sure to let us know if you make it through all 31! In the cinema, or at home, everyone will hear you scream. This perfect blend of teen comedy and pitch-black horror could easily devolve into gory parody but manages instead to slowly build to a stunning conclusion. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Director: Ben WheatleyCast: Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, MyAnna BuringKill List begins like a fairly straightforward thriller. y) gives evil a face as Henry, and it’s one you won’t quickly forget. Tell us you're not hooked. Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy) gives evil a face as Henry, and it’s one you won’t quickly forget. The rules are right there in creepy storybook: you can't get rid of the Babadook. Its ending has proven divisive, but whatever your thoughts on the final reel, it's a shattering experience along the way. And it is there that Robert Eggers’ first film uses actual historic accounts from the local Calvinists about their real superstitions to give them life and heinous flesh (and an authentic Elizabethan accent). They’re coming to get you. Bish bash bosh. After witnessing a crime, the band barricades themselves in the venue’s green room while the Nazis, led by Patrick Stewart, try to find a solution to their new problem. Equal parts murder mystery and ghost story, this slow-burning horror classic throws twists at you until its final minutes. To stand out, you need a great idea and flawless execution. is one of the scariest slasher films around, which is even more impressive when considering it predates the slasher boom by several years. Dealing with witchcraft and cruel spirits. While you might be tempted to classify this David Cronenberg classic as strictly sci-fi, one glimpse of Jeff Goldblum losing a body part or puking fly vomit all over himself is all it takes to reconsider that categorization. Director: Terence FisherCast: Christopher Lee, Paul Eddington, Charles GrayThe Devil Rides Out marked a new direction for Hammer horror, swapping classic gothic fantasy for a modern Dennis Wheatley occult potboiler.

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