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Valencia experienced its golden age in the 15th century, as it became the Crown's economic capital. Furthermore, the Universities of Valencia and Alicante refer to Valencian studies of language and literature as Catalan Philology. Most faculties and colleges are based in the city of Valencia, with some branches in Gandia and Alcoy. On June 2018 the new public TV channel was launched by Valencian Media Corporation, the newly formed agency of the Generalitat Valenciana. Only very meagre accounts have been preserved of the practical workings of the university. Currently, blaverists have accepted the official denomination. Very dense residential housing along the coast, occupied by locals, people from inland Spain and from other EU countries (mostly from the British Isles, Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia), boosts the summertime population (and hydrological demands). In particularly severe drought years, the problem is managed through occasional nocturnal restrictions during summer and exploitation of aquifers. The Romans founded the city of Valentia in 138 BC, which, over the centuries overtook Saguntum in importance. This sport has many variants, that may be played at the streets or at special courtfields like the trinquet. Most of the population have at least a passive knowledge of Valencian, which allows normal communication in this language across the Valencian Community. No te lo pienses más y reserva ya tu abono, estamos seguros de que será uno de tus festivales favoritos del año. Both are subjected to very intense human regulation for cities, industries and, especially, agricultural consumption. Lo + demandado. Nowadays the Polytechnic University of Valencia has become one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, according to its technology, investigation, several degrees offering a close relation with some the most important universities in the world such as Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard. Adding to its allure, the onsite Cueva del Parpalló has a dedicated room with replicas of ancient art and prehistoric tools. It also operates the city tram and metro system of Valencia (Valencia Metro) and Alicante (Alicante Tram). According to Valencia's Statute of Autonomy, the Valencian people are a nationality. Some are internationally famous. [34], Prior to its dissolution, the administration of RTVV under the People's Party (PP) had been controversial due to accusations of ideological manipulation and lack of plurality. Valencian is the name Valencians use to refer to the Catalan language. Valencian traditional costumes and dresses include espardenyes (shoes) and traditional fallera dresses (the Falles dresses). There are many important coastal dunes in the Saler area near the Albufera and in the Guardamar area, both of them were planted with thousands of trees during the 19th century in order to fix the dunes, thus forming now protected areas of remarkable ecologic value. Outside these areas and the traditional Spanish-speaking areas in the west Valencian predominates or is on an equal footing. Go on a guided tour of the Parpalló Borrell Interpretation Centre, which is located within the boundaries of the 560-hectare Parpalló Borell Municipal Natural Area. Cuatro noches de buen ambiente, conciertos y diversión... ¡qué bien suena! In 2016 the renewed Valencian government announced that a new public media corporation was to be created. After the end of the First Punic War between Carthage and Rome in 241 BC, which established their limits of influence in the Ebro river, the Carthaginians occupied the whole region. In 2004, Valencia's GDP was 93.9% of the European Union average,[25] although this figure may be too low because of the important presence of foreign residents either from other regions of Europe or as economic immigrants, who are not properly represented in the official statistics. [7] Valencian is a diglossic language that was repressed and prosecuted during Franco's dictatorship (1939–1975) in favour of Spanish. In spite of these arguments, a significant proportion of Valencian population refuse to identify Valencian with Catalan. 5 minutes 5 Cosas Que Ver en Valencia? Other more anecdotal translations have included "Land of Valencia",[15] "Region of Valencia"[16] and "Valencian Region". Esta actividad tendrá lugar el sábado día 15 de febrero 2020 por la mañana en el Parque Ribalta junto a la Tenencia de Alcaldía Oeste, y es una de las acciones que complementan la celebración del X Marató BP Castelló” Se trata de una actividad que se realiza con éxito en las anteriores ediciones y que volverá a congregar a niños y niñas desde los más peques a los 15 años. *A causa de la situación creada por el COVID-19, es conveniente consultar previamente la confirmación de las fechas. Consultar antes por medidas COVID-19. Other Valencian rivers are the Serpis and Sénia. The Valencian Community is served by three international airports: Alicante Airport, Valencia Airport and Castellón–Costa Azahar Airport. [14] However, this could be disregarding of the provinces of Alicante and Castellón. The great majority of desserts typical of Valencia have their origin in Arabic times and play an important part in the local festive activities. Showcasing Mediterranean cuisine, Valencian gastronomy is known for its wealth of recipes as delicious as they are healthy. Its homonymous capital Valencia is the third largest city and metropolitan area in Spain. The official flag, the Royal Senyera (Reial Senyera), also known as Senyera Coronada (Crowned Senyera) or Senyera Tricolor (Tricolour Senyera) is the same as Valencia's City flag, which, in turn, is a historical derivation of the Senyera, the heraldic symbol of the Crown of Aragon, also used today with few variations in all the former Kingdoms and Counties which were a part of this crown. [35] Supervisors appointed by the PP were accused of sexual harassment. You can have at any time all the information about the weather in destinations such as Calp, Peñíscola, Altea, Cullera or Benidorm. *Es recomendable consultar previamente la información oficial del evento. The unemployment rate stood at 15.6% in 2018 and was higher than the national average.[27]. Furthermore, there is a dialect continuum where speakers at the Catalan–Valencian border share the same dialect. The most emblematic mountain of the Valencian Community is the Penyagolosa, in the Alcalatén area. Gracias por su comprensión. In actuality, population is particularly dense along the coast as well as in central and southern regions of the territory, and more sparse around the inner and northern regions. Sigue leyendo, ya que te mostraré un poco de Valencia, que en mi opinión es una de las ciudades más bellas de España. For other uses, see, Location of the Valencian Community within Spain, Largest municipalities in the Valencian Community, Preamble on Valencian Statutes of Autonomy 1982 and 2006: ". Motorcycle races are very popular, as the Circuit of Valencia race track and its hosted Valencian Community Grand Prix prove. Petanca and its variant Calitx are traditional sports as well, especially in towns or among elders. In addition to tourism, the Valencian Country has significant exports, and it ranks second in this respect among the Spanish autonomous communities, constituting 12% of the national total. Comienza a disfrutar ya de la riqueza y diversidad de una comunidad que deja huella. Rice is a basic ingredient in many of the typical dishes, like the arròs negre, arròs amb costra, arròs a banda, arròs a la pedra, arròs caldós, among many. Much of the bibliography used in the Valencian education system consists of Catalan works and translations in Catalan with only occasionally some words being swapped for those more commonly used in Valencia. In 1501, Pope Alexander VI signed the bill of approval and one year later Ferdinand II of Aragon proclaimed the Royal Mandatory Concession. After the fall of the Caliphate of Cordoba, two main independent taifas were established at the region, Balansiya and Dénia, along with the small and short living taifas of Orihuela, Alpuente, Jérica and Sagunt and the short Christian conquest of Valencia by El Cid. It is regarded as an integral part of the education system with infantil classes in almost every primary school. This nationalist subtext was opposed by anti-Catalan blaverists, who proposed "Former Kingdom of Valencia" (Antic Regne de València) instead, in order to emphasize Valencian independence from Catalonia. This important centre is a great way for visitors to learn about the area’s natural and cultural value, as well as its conservation efforts. Many Valencian people speak Valencian, the region's own co-official language, also known as Catalan in other regions. [b] In fact, after a bipartisan reform of the Valencian Statute of Autonomy in 2006, it records the foral civil law, using the traditional conception of a kingdom, and, on the other hand, it also recognizes Valencia as a nationality, in accordance with the modern conception. Aside from it, the Statute of Autonomy recognizes Valencian as the language proper to the Valencian people (llengua pròpia), and commends its protection and regulation to the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (AVL) under the Generalitat Valenciana. Cercanías (Rodalia in Valencian) is the commuter rail service that serves all three provincial capitals of Valencia and their metropolitan areas. It is located along the Mediterranean coast on the east side of the Iberian peninsula. It is located along the Mediterranean coast on the east side of the Iberian peninsula. [17] The term "Region", however, carries negative connotations among many Valencians because it could deny their nationality status. Descubre las ciudades, playas, espacios naturales, rutas culturales y museos, monumentos y las zonas de interior de la región. [b] On one hand, "Valencian Country" represented the modern conception of nationality that resurged in the 19th century. You'll see for yourself why it's influencers' 14th-favourite location in the Comunidad Valenciana. Valencia is long and narrow, running mainly north-south; historically, its rather steep and irregular terrain has made communications and the exploitation of the soil difficult, although the soil of the coastal plain is particularly fertile. All the other autonomous communities in Spain, including the monolingual ones, have public-service broadcasters, with the Valencian Community being the only exception despite being the fourth most populated. Hydrological resources (see Geography above) are also lacking: the demand for water exceeds the supply, with this imbalance especially serious in Alicante province.

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