coulrophobia facts

Clowns are a regular feature in children’s parties and long-associated with humor and light moments. + Cackles mikaelasabina • 6 years ago

I completely understand you , clowns are creepy looking and I hate them I'm also... − − + Coulrophobia is the extreme fear of clowns. Clown phobia is not very old and has increased in the last few decades. Mandy mikaelasabina • 7 … Coulrophobia The image of a clown can bring up a lot of different emotions within people. In the case of coulrophobia, there are a few likely causes: Scary movies. It could be a kid’s birthday card with a happy, … What is the meaning of Coulrophobia? Fear of Clowns (Coulrophobia) – Facts, Origins, Scientific Explanation.

Viewing too... Traumatic experiences. There’s a connection between scary clowns in media and people being intensely afraid of them. Hands down I have been scared of clowns since I saw IT and ever... − may mikaelasabina • 7 years ago Coulrophobia, a scientific term for what is otherwise known as the fear of clowns may seem like a laughing matter at first glance, but for the people that suffer with this terrifying fear of a great childhood entertainment icon, it can literally stop life dead in its tracks. I understand.


While usually associated with fun, playful or entertaining thoughts, clowns can also be associated with negative imagery and their presence can be downright terrifying for some. Coulrophobia is defined as the persistent fear of clowns that makes an individual traumatized or shaken even at the thought of them. For a Coulrophobic, clowns are no laughing matter!

Though many people might find them a bit creepy, someone with Coulrophobia will be overwhelmed with terror and anxiety upon seeing a clown.

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