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Decks that can consistently cast Crush of Tentacles for its surge cost will have a lot of fun with it. Types: Instant. Paradox Engine Devastation Tide is one of my favorite board wipes in the entire format.

Four-player Commander battles featuring a new theme every week. Cyclonic Rift is on a razor’s edge right now. Idc if you keep your board and end the game on your own terms. For this lesser mana cost, you are able to return a single nonland permanent an opponent controls back to their hand, which is great in an emergency because this card isn’t sitting uselessly in your hand until mid-late game. It renders large portions of a Commander game meaningless by sweeping all opposing nonland permanents off the field and simultaneously puts you ahead by leaving your cards untouched. At MTGGoldfish, we value your privacy. (. Having a few options is certainly better than none at all though, and all of these cards have the opportunity to do you some good in other situations as well. Timetwister Because it's just four mana and instant speed, I recommend running Engulf the Shore in just about every Mono Blue, even the ones already running Cyclonic Rift. (, Are very difficult for other players to interact with, especially if doing so requires dedicated, narrow responses when deck-building. (this is all my trying to sort out why'd the advisory group would ban it, since they have to sound smart outside of "because we hates it"). are equivalent.

Case in point: Mana Crypt.

These attributes are already well worth its seven cmc, but that's only the tip of its power. .

This lasting impact is almost certainly why Upheaval is banned while Cyclonic Rift is not. Blasphemous Act or Pound for pound, Cyclonic Rift is the most powerful boardwipe in Commander. I'm not here to tell you that Cyclonic Rift is a bad card. should be banned, if you want to ban cards that make opponents favor lower cmc cards, then we should ban Anyone looking to enter this Vintage-lite format can do so pretty easily, choose from a huge variety of strategies, and quickly have a deck they are able to take to a local game store or friend’s house for a day of fun and camaraderie. Expansion: Commander 2014. If we don’t give players enough avenues to win for that kind of mana investment, then we run the risk of having clogged board states that drag the game on. There may also be one or two creatures on the battlefield too large to bounce, but Engulf will always wash away the vast majority of creatures.

All these options are significantly less expensive than buying Cyclonic Rift, and they come with various advantages: they're cheaper to cast, they deal with permanents permanently, and as artifacts they can be tutored up easier with cards like Whir of Invention. Since the link in their FAQ is broken, you can either use my earlier link or read on to see the standard we’ll be using to judge this question, as written by Sheldon Menery of the Rules Committee. SynergyBuild if you were to go onto edhrec compared to rift out of all of your mentioned cards only Assorted Meeples, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

) as well as stuff like the mox cycle, lotus, etc. Being cheaper means it's easier to keep mana up for it to cast at a moment's notice, either to shut down an opponents' board of scary creatures or to save your own creatures from a board wipe. Build awesome Commander decks on a 20 tix budget. Swords to Plowshares dbpunk Nah man You can do so for less in black and getting 9 mana in black is often a slow roll. Board wipes are usually symmetrical, as a way of balancing out the strength of the card, and to keep the casting cost at a playable level. Pretty much none. Your opponent just cast an instant speed one-sided boardwipe before the beginning of their turn. Chrome Mox Going back to our earlier game, let’s change the circumstances a bit and assume that you’re in the weakest board position of the players at the table. And again, it affects everyone, not just the opponents. A two-mana, instant-speed board reset is definitely a card to consider when deckbuilding! You can follow his exploits here on Twitter and Instagram. Assorted Meeples is owned and operated by Assorted Meeples, LLC, a limited liability company based out of the Midwest. ———- When you are buying decks or individual cards, make sure you are using any of our TCGplayer affiliate links below to help support the channel! Assuming they survive to see it. Yes, there's people crazy enough to fill out an entire deck with Krakens, Leviathans, Octopuses, and Serpents, slapping a commander like Thassa, God of the Sea, Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep, or (my favorite!) The problem with

Just as long as the game doesn't take 3 hours to finish. We’re going to go over each of these strengths in detail, then use that information to answer my original question: Should Cyclonic Rift be banned in Commander? Rift is not a problem. Cards are signed by the artist in black and packaged in a hard protective sleeve. Quorvis I don't have knowledge on your metagame, but this seems extremely circumstantial and anecdotal when asking about a major change to the format. Absolutely negligible cost in many commander setups and strongly crippling effect to a huge variety of commander setups. But ultimately, the healthier a format is, the less cards it has on the banlist.

That and game resetting cards. I believe Over the past several years in Magic, “In response, Cyclonic Rift” has taken its place among those all-time greats. With the most recent B&R changes, it feels like rotation finally happened so Crim takes Grixis out to battle! Today, we’ll get into what makes Cyclonic Rift so powerful, and why it holds the weight that it does. Doesn't need banning, it needs a reprint though so it's not $20+. For the most part, board wipes in Commander are cast at sorcery speed. That's a significant discount compared to the seven mana to overload Cyclonic Rift. Heck, Crypt is played less than Hedron Archive! @ Quorvis Talk to you playgroup about playing less blue decks. Happy New Year!!

Today Mitch talks about the best ways to beat a Cyclonic Rift! Even if another player at the table was willing to defend you with a card effect they had in play, they can no longer do so because that effect is now locked away in their hand. In a typical 4-player FFA Commander game, Coastal Breach will start off costing only four mana to cast since you'll have three opponents lowering its cost. In practice it's good at resetting the archenemy at the table.

How many Krakens, Leviathans, Octopuses, and Serpents do you see in a typical Commander game? In a world where you can play cards of such legendary power as Bazaar of Baghdad, Mishra’s Workshop, and Timetwister, it feels a little weird that a relative newcomer is so comparatively despised. Mangara, the Diplomat | Commander Quickie, Hedron Archive Is Terrible And You're Terrible If You Play It | Commander Quickie, The Power of a Deckbuilding Checklist | Commander Quickie, Commander Quickie: Top 10 Theros Beyond Death Cards Under $1, 10 Budget Alternatives To Cyclonic Rift | Commander Quickie. enpc, in that case, what qualifies as card as "banworthy," in your mind? (, Cause other players to feel they must play certain cards, even though they are also problematic. Cards that have or give Indestructible are capable of defending against destruction effects, opening up quite a few options when it comes to preparing for or recovering from from a mass removal effect. But they argue that they have to run Rift because there's simply no alternatives! should be banned. In a Mono Blue or Blue-heavy deck, Engulf the Shore is essentially Evacuation for one less mana, a mere four mana for an instant speed creature reset. Cyclonic Rift The Rules Committee’s stated philosophy encourages keeping problematic cards out of games through use of Commander’s social contract. Players are tuning decks to get more bang for their buck, and are reusing more cards in the graveyard than what the format looked like when Cyclonic Rift entered it. Which brings me to the point of this article: alternatives to Cyclonic Rift!

Scourge of Fleets is another criminally underplayed board wipe.

When MM17 came out Cyclonic Rift was only a $7 card and dropped to $5 so that's a little less than 33% drop in price. Help your friends learn how to better use it, then if that doesn't work houserule a soft ban if your issues persist. Before that happens though, suggest to the person playing it to either put in an actual way to win or just take out rift. Crush of Tentacles is yet another sorcery-speed, symmetrical board bounce available to us. Let’s start by breaking down what Cyclonic Rift does do for you: That’s quite a resume, and one that has proven itself for and against me many times since it was released.

They require the deckbuilder to make choices based on their metagame, and beg questions like “Are there enough artifacts out to play this Vandalblast?

If you want to chat with me more about this topic, consider joining our Patreon to get access to the Assorted Meeples Discord! Since the link in their FAQ is broken, you can either use my earlier link or read on to see the standard we’ll be using to judge this question, as written by Sheldon Menery of the Rules Committee. Yes, they are better than you probably give them credit for! Rift is a one-card-groan fest. Yes, if referring to other types of nonland cards, Yes, on a slightly lesser scale than Upheaval, No. I’ve not heard of anyone adding cards to their deck specifically to combat, Yes – while the answers to Cyclonic Rift I discussed earlier do have other uses, most exist in a fairly narrow area of application, There are comparatively few ways to defend against, Any deck with blue (exempting cEDH decks, and sometimes even then) is almost always made better by playing, When in doubt, ask “What would Teferi do?”, Prevent players from contributing to the game in a meaningful way. And that’s okay – Commander will continue to be awesome even with Cyclonic Rift in it, and that’s what matters most. But Coastal Breach's advantage is the undaunted keyword, making it significantly less expensive to cast than Rift. One of the players at the table will be harmed more than the others too, if it’s cast on their end step. , you can also say it warps the meta by making players favor lower cmc permanents and is a 7 cmc effect that ad naus only hits you for 2 for (ad naus being the other reason to favor low cmc). TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Like Rift, it bounces all nonland permanents, but it's symmetrical and sorcery-speed (if you cast it normally).

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy User Decks (October 11-17, 2020), Budget Magic: 2 Mythic/2 Rare Rakdos Party Aggro (Standard), Banned and Restricted Update, October 12, 2020: Omnath, Clover, Escape Banned, Commander Clash S9 E14: Omnathbowl | Omnath vs. Unlike Engulf, however, Scourge of Fleets is asymmetrical bounce, only bouncing your opponents' creatures while leaving yours alone. A well-timed Rift can launch the caster into a game-winning turn, a feat in which every other boardwipe aspires to. Thanks for reading! He primarily plays Commander, Pauper, and Legacy, and has a passion for introducing new players to the game. This difference is what makes Cyclonic Rift so good, in that it offers a perfect cocktail of value and flexibility. To practice what is being preached, a laissez-faire approach toward managing the format is ideal so the social contract can function.

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