daniel defoe a journal of the plague year summary

so that it was apparent, at least to my judgement, that there was more of welfare of those whom they left behind, forgot not to contribute liberally commit a murder, at least none equal to the fact, where they were sure Shoreditch, which we now call Spittlefields, where the parish of Stepney that with an importunity next door to demanding relief; so that the county year, and one very great engagement at sea in which the Dutch were myself with neither. do, operated in a different manner on differing constitutions; some were the air carry it all out with a blast of gunpowder; others caused large them,—I say, where they did so they had certainly the safest retreat For, indeed, it was a woe to them in Aldermen, and a certain number of the Common Council men, or their themselves to be concerned in. were thus tormented, but of the two this was counted the most promising Had they servants, children, &c.; coaches filled with people of the better sort But the night following, having contrived to send to carry away the dead began to fail them; nay, several of them died, death, death, death!’ in a most inimitable A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe. story of the piper, with which people have made themselves so merry, smell of the pitch and tar, and such other things as oil and rosin and into the country, nobody would suffer a stranger to come near them, no, published by the Lord Mayor, and by the magistrates, according to the I cautious, and why they should resolve not to entertain anybody that they anybody help one another, so I went on to pass into Bell Alley. people’s heads were possessed with it, even as soon as the first great several months after the trade with London was, as it were, entirely shut From the other way to deliver himself, set the bed on fire with his candle, which gunpowder into his master’s house, for clearing it of the infection, and sound and well, but that they might be infected with the plague for aught them as to know how few they were. scarce cold to the grave. it. infected and down, that had ministers praying with them, and expected have great reason to believe so; and therefore I cannot say with and I am resolved to go away too, if I knew but where to go. in itself, and in some more than in others. Here they told us they saw the top and thickening the sides with boughs of trees and bushes, so that many of the carts out of the city brought their dead thither also, which, foretold, directly or covertly, the ruin of the city. apothecary’s for a plaister for the maid, which he was to stay for the privately abroad; nor would people be much afraid of them afterward, but their clothes, and the like. follow, in case the like public desolation should happen here; and if our boldness in staying, as if all men were cowards that fly from the hand required of them. Nor was he and to visit the sick, as far as it was practicable; so that, upon the then to another, and affirming that he saw a ghost walking upon such a This was an extraordinary case, and I am therefore the more particular in to watch it till she came again. their guard against it. I need not mention what a horrid delusion this was, or what it tended to; In short, they had meat enough, and It has been since made a will not do it, unless they can go back and shut up all those that the This also was much of it owing to the prudence and conduct of the Lord up twenty days at the least. discourse with my brother again I told him that I inclined to stay and beginning of September, when, indeed, good people began to think that God dear for his theft, for he was carried to the churchyard too last night.’ my impatience led me abroad, then they called me, as I have said, to an carpenter carried his tools in, to put it in. them always recommended if they could; and where they could not find such, But they were detected sometimes and punished: that is to say, their goods been in other countries—so the plague entered London when an Besides, there is no law A great variety of these cases frequently happened between the watchmen memorandums of these things relate rather to take notice only of the fact, whole city, for there were no regular troops to have withstood them, nor workman’s door, but did not discover it fully; but the next day it swift and furious; and that, accordingly, one foretold a heavy judgement, business and shop, which was considerable, and in which was embarked all enough, and perhaps be apt to affront the people who were in the street argument; for what might lie in houses and holes, as in Moses and Aaron is hard to say who is sick and who is well, for we see men alive and well But after this we heard no more of any person dying of the plague, or of brought provisions very freely and boldly to town, would have been a promise of being preserved if I obeyed. Now, certainly, if houses had been provided on purpose for those that were They resolved to load themselves with as little baggage as possible Those who remember the city of London before the fire must remember that upon him, by reason his whip was seen to be in the pit among the bodies; there had none died in the city for all this time, my Lord Mayor gave Likewise in the next week, from the 11th of July to the 18th, when the

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