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A little over a year ago, on March 15th, 2018, Damien Leone’s ‘Terrifier‘ officially dropped and a cult classic was born. They said that they were looking for a tall, skinny man that had physical comedy or clowning experience for “the role of a life time”. As for my facial expressions, I have been developing them my whole life. Krypton Radio: And I feel like indie films are the ones that take those types of risks more often. Very much so. Things turned out great, though. In the scene where I grab Samantha Scaffidi by the hair and pull her back from escaping, she told me to go ahead and do it. Studio films usually try to play it safe. And it seems to be working out for you! In one of my last conversations with her, she told me that I shouldn’t do what I think I have to do with my life. So, I was bored and decided to watch this argument. Krypton Radio: That is awesome! So, when I went to college, I didn’t go for a theater degree. There was this silent pause and then they all started cracking up laughing. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of your work. Escalation. I love it! Every bit helps! I got excited and asked who came by the set. With Thornton reprising his role for ‘Terrifier 2’, we are all in store for another incredible performance that should further cement Art the Clown as one of horror’s memorable killers. Thornton went on to say that horror fan sites and horror fans are to be credited in helping the movie gain popularity. And I love that about him. festival circuit. Remembering King of Horror Fiction, H.P. It was amazing how efficient everyone worked on set! Krypton Radio: What is your favorite memory from filming this feature? A new trailer has arrived for Nicholas Payne Santos’ horror-comedy ‘It Cuts Deep’, which marks his official directorial debut and is set to arrive in limited theaters and on VOD platforms on November 13th, via Dark Sky Films. David Howard Thornton: That was just another audition that I responded to. David Howard Thornton: It was great! All really fun films that did some interesting things with the genre and took more risks and were more innovative and fun than many of the main stream big budget films that are out today.”. If you can't afford a monthly donation, you can give us a one-time donation here! Portraying the sadistic slasher clown is David I recently caught up with him to speak about these What were your thoughts on the gruesome scenes when first reading the script? They said that I should be glad that I didn’t come out when they first arrived because they would have shot me on sight! You also made a small appearance as an orderly on the hit series Gotham. “We still don’t get recognized by the likes of IGN, Hollywood Reporter, etc because we don’t have a studio currently behind us paying for that type of publicity.”. There was one late night when they were filming Jenna Kanell’s reaction shots and I was waiting in my holding room before going on set. We didn’t have running water in that building. He was a master at physical comedy and taught me a lot that helped me to fine tune my skills. David Howard Thornton: For me, I think that would be overcoming the fear of hurting my co-stars. As long as I have an idea for what the character is suppose to be in my head, I can automatically go into it when I need to. But I would say my favorite memory that I love to talk about is the night where I almost died. Krypton Radio: Anyone who has seen Terrifier is aware of several scenes that aren’t for the faint of heart.Especially in regards to the infamous scene involving an upside down victim and a hacksaw. One of the first scenes we filmed was with me laying on top of her, strangling her and trying to gouge out her eyes with my thumbs. Krypton Radio: Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention? He’s one of those types of bad guys who revels in his maliciousness and his evilness.

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