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The First Lady of Israel is the title typically given to the wife of the president of Israel.
The wife of the President of the Italian Republic is generally considered to be the first lady of the country. [citation needed]. In the United States, collectively, the president of the United States and his spouse are known as the first couple[6] and, if they have children, they are usually referred to as the first family. | Adams - Coolidge | Eisenhower - Hoover Jackson - Pierce | Polk - Wilson | List of names, Alphabetically Each first lady is listed alphabetically. [55], Following the leadership spill which installed Julia Gillard as the first female prime minister of Australia on 24 June 2010, some news media referred to her de facto partner, Tim Mathieson, as the "First Bloke". She can attend the ceremonies to which her husband is invited and accompany him when he has to go abroad.

[7] However, the term "first lady" would not come into common use until the late 1800s. The Secret Service uses code names for presidents, first ladies and other prominent people and locations.

The order of this list was determined by 1,569 votes … The term První dáma is used for wife of the president of the Czech Republic. The title is genderless as many Philippine languages lack grammatical gender, and because there have been presidential consorts of both sexes. Ronald Kessler also made note of the Clintons, including Bill’s codename “Eagle.” They both retained the names while she ran for the presidency in 2016. Ronald Kessler, a former Secret Service agent and author of In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect, revealed the first Bush matriarch’s peaceful code name.

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