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FIG president Morinari Watanabe said in a statement the focus will be on promoting good practices and drawing up new rules of conduct for the future, rather than to "exhume the crimes of the past. DU CONGO (FGCOD)  UAG, COK  COOK ISLANDS GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  OGU, COL  FEDERACION COLOMBIANA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, CPV  CAPE VERDEAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  UAG, CRC  FEDERACION DEPORTIVA DE GIMNASIA COSTA RICA  PAGU, DOM  FEDERACION DOMINICANA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, ECU  FEDERACION ECUATORIANA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, ESA  FEDERACION SALVADORENA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, ESP  REAL FEDERACION ESPANOLA DE GIMNASIA  EG, ETH  ETHIOPIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  UAG, FIJ  THE GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF FIJI  OGU, FIN  FINNISH GYMNASTICS FEDERATION SVOLI  EG, FRA  FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE GYMNASTIQUE  EG, GEO  UNITED GEORGIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  EG, GUA  FED. That followed the trial and sentencing of Larry Nassar, the United States women's team doctor who used medical treatment as a guise for molesting hundreds of young athletes. Terengganu Gymnastics Association president A. Razak Mat Amin, speaking on behalf of the seven affiliates, alleged that Rachel had made decisions on her own as well as abused her power over several issues. OF THE REP. OF MOLDOVA  EG, MEX  FEDERACION MEXICANA DE GIMNASIA, A.C.  PAGU, MGL  MONGOLIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  AGU, MKD  FEDERATION OF GYMNASTICS SPORTS OF MACEDONIA  EG, MNE  GYMNASTIC FEDERATION OF MONTENEGRO  EG, MON  FEDERATION MONEGASQUE DE GYMNASTIQUE  EG, MOZ  FEDERACAO DE GINASTICA DE MOÇAMBIQUE  UAG, MRI  MAURITIUS GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  UAG, NCA  FEDERACION NICARAGUENSE DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, NED  KONINKLIJKE NEDERLANDSE GYMNASTIEK UNIE  EG, NGR  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF NIGERIA  UAG, NOR  NORGES GYMNASTIKK- OG TURNFORBUND  EG, PAN  FEDERACION PANAMENA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, PAR  FEDERACION PARAGUAYA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, PER  FEDERACION DEPORTIVA PERUANA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, PHI  GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (GAP)  AGU, PLE  PALESTINIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  AGU, PNG  PAPUA NEW GUINEA GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  OGU, POR  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF PORTUGAL  EG, PRK  GYMNASTICS ASSOC. PROMOTION GYMNASTIQUE SENEGAL  UAG, SEY  SEYCHELLES GYMNASTIC FEDERATION  UAG, SMR  FEDERAZIONE SAMMARINESE GINNASTICA  EG, SRI  NATIONAL GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION OF SRI LANKA  AGU, SYR  FEDERATION SYRIENNE DE GYMNASTIQUE  AGU, THA  THE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND  AGU, TKM  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF TURKMENISTAN  AGU, TPE  CHINESE TAIPEI GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION  AGU, TTO  TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO GYMNASTICS FEDERATION (T.T.G.F.) Dr. Edézio Vieira de Melo, 419 - Bairro Suissa, c/o Paget-Brown Trust Company Ltd., Boundary Hall, Calle Perla / Avenida 100 y callejon de La Rosa, Complejo Deportivo Jose Simon Azcona Hoyo, South Quarter Tower A, Level 7, Room # 7E, Gimnasium 3, Majlis Sukan Negara Malaysia, RFC: FMG840913HQA, Camino a Santa Teresa 482, IND. The seven — Penang, Selangor, Perak, Negri Sembilan, Sarawak, Melaka and Terengganu — have also submitted a jointly-signed letter to MGF honorary secretary Afrita Ariany Nasril urging that an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) be held soonest possible. KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 — There is trouble brewing in the Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF), with seven of the 11 affiliates openly declaring no confidence in their president, Rachel Lau. OF THE ISLAMIC REP. OF IRAN  AGU, JAM  JAMAICA AMATEUR GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION  PAGU, KAZ  GYMNASTIC FEDERATION OF KAZAKHSTAN  AGU, KGZ  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC  AGU, KSA  SAUDI ARABIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  AGU, LBN  FEDERATION LIBANAISE DE GYMNASTIQUE  AGU, LUX  FEDERATION LUXEMBOURGEOISE DE GYMNASTIQUE  EG, MAD  FEDERATION MALGACHE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, MAR  FEDERATION ROYALE MAROCAINE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, MAS  MALAYSIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  AGU, MDA  UNION OF GYMNASTICS FED. Teheran, Redoma La India, Velodromo Teo Capriles. The federation, known as FIG, expressed concern that abusive behavior was sometimes considered acceptable, citing testimony from gymnastics and other sports "revealing how mistreatment, intimidation and even physical and psychological abuse are considered, in many regions, to be an integral part of the experience of high-performance athletes.". History. PAGU, TUN  FEDERATION TUNISIENNE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, UGA  GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION OF UGANDA  UAG, URU  FEDERACION URUGUAYA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, UZB  UZBEKISTAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  AGU, VEN  FEDERACION VENEZOLANA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, VIE  ASSOC. DE LA REP. SOC. Gymnasts, coaches and other people involved in the sport can speak at the conference, which will be held online on Oct. 26-27. President/Chairman Mr ASADOV Asad Secretary General/CEO Ms MUCHAMEDVALEYEVA Olga. GFA MAG WAG RG … Razak, who is a former MGF president, said the governing body’s annual general meeting (AGM) is supposed to be held any time before next March. Even though an organization with the name "All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation" had existed since 1963, at the time it was only a department of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of the Soviet Union responsible for growing and cultivating the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in the RSFSR.. Gymnasts from countries including Britain, the Netherlands and Australia have come forward in recent months with allegations of behavior such as abusive coaching methods and fat-shaming. He was sentenced to 40 to 125 years in prison in 2018. DU VIETNAM  AGU, VIN  ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES GYMNASTICS ASS. "Although methods differ according to traditions and countries, and what might be considered as controversial methods in one country could be accepted in others, the FIG intends to set up global norms in the world of gymnastics, inviting everyone interested to contribute towards improving the sport and making it safer," the federation said. Malaysian Gymnastics Federation Rachel Lau at a press conference on in Kuala Lumpur September 26, 2020. DE GYM. PEOPLE'S REP. OF KOREA  AGU, PUR  FEDERACION PUERTORRIQUENA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, QAT  QATAR GYMNASTICS FEDERATION (QGF)  AGU, RSA  SOUTH AFRICAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  UAG, RUS  FEDERATION DE GYMNASTIQUE DE RUSSIE  EG, RWA  FEDERATION RWANDAISE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, SEN  COMITE NAT. “I represent the seven state gymnastics associations who have lost confidence in the current president because she has failed to run MGF in a proper and effective manner, especially in resolving internal issues,” he told Bernama today. “So the best solution now is for the president to call an EGM,” he said. — Bernama, After drug party arrests, activist demands Syed Saddiq’s ministry come clean on contracts, Malaysian Gymnastics Federation cries foul over SEA Games judging, to file protest to world body, Syed Saddiq promises to take up athletes’ allowances with Sports Ministry. AFG  AFGHANISTAN NATIONAL GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  AGU, ALG  FEDERATION ALGERIENNE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, AND  FEDERACIO ANDORRANA DE GIMNASTICA  EG, ANG  FEDERACAO ANGOLANA DE GINASTICA  UAG, ARG  CONFEDERACION ARGENTINA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, ARM  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF ARMENIA  EG, ASA  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF AMERICAN SAMOA  OGU, AUT  OESTERREICHISCHER FACHVERBAND FUER TURNEN  EG, AZE  AZERBAIJAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  EG, BAH  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF THE BAHAMAS  PAGU, BAN  BANGLADESH GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  AGU, BAR  BARBADOS AMATEUR GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION  PAGU, BEL  FEDERATION ROYALE BELGE DE GYMNASTIQUE  EG, BEN  FEDERATION BENINOISE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, BER  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF BERMUDA  PAGU, BIH  GYMNASTICS FEDERATION OF BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA  EG, BOL  FEDERACION BOLIVIANA DE GIMNASIA  PAGU, BRA  BRAZILIAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  PAGU, BUL  FEDERATION BULGARE DE GYMNASTIQUE  EG, BUR  FEDERATION BURKINABE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, CAY  CAYMAN ISLANDS GYMNASTICS FEDERATION  PAGU, CGO  FEDERATION CONGOLAISE DE GYMNASTIQUE (FECOGYM)  UAG, CHI  FEDERACION NACIONAL DE GIMNASIA DE CHILE (FENAGICHI)  PAGU, CMR  FEDERATION CAMEROUNAISE DE GYMNASTIQUE  UAG, COD  FEDERATION DE GYMNASTIQUE DE LA REP. DEM.

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