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In order to apply for such a permit you need the following documents: A legal and certified copy of your birth certificate.

Besides the basic coverage of the Dutch health insurance, insurance companies offer a variety of supplementary coverage. The Netherlands is quite a small country, but that is part of its charm, because amazing places and experiences are always within reach. Student health insurance cost is a problem for many families. without a job or internship in the Netherlands will take out this When you are not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland and if you are planning to study for more than three months in The Netherlands, you are required to apply for a non-EU/EEA residence permit upon arrival. If you’re looking for ways to save money as a college student, you may have to open up a student bank account first. Please on which purposes are considered temporary and non-temporary. Being a student can be financially demanding - especially when all those far-too-accessible Dutch, Belgian, and German beers are calling your name. The practice is deliberately small-scale with the aim of guaranteeing sufficient attention to every one of their patients. The Dutch healthcare system is divided into three categories.

If your nationality is outside of European Union. For most students, health insurance can be a real burden. If this is the case for you, you will need seek another insurance if you want medical cover. Here is a selection of articles, news and features you may also like. AFM: 12044266 - You may have to take out health insurance in your home country with enough coverage to last while you are abroad. Other conditions might be dyslexia, visual impairment or a hearing impairment. Aon has more than 25 years of experience in student insurance. You are eligible to apply for the EHIC if you are paying towards or covered by your country’s social security system. residents can choose their own private health insurance in the Netherlands. If you are from a non-EU country, the public healthcare insurance from your home country is not valid in the Netherlands. Dutch Government offers healthcare allowances for national and international students coming from lower-income backgrounds. Are you planning to study, work or do an internship in the Netherlands? Students from these countries must also get a European Health …

If your nationality is other than from the European Union, then you are considered as a third country. But don’t worry, we will walk you through the Dutch healthcare system and Dutch health insurance so you can cycle peacefully, knowing the healthcare system has got your back (literally, they will fix your back if you hurt it). Moving out of your home and adjusting to a new culture can be physically and psychologically exhausting. If you are from a non-EU / EEA country, and you are not working (part-time) or doing an internship during your studies, you can’t take out Dutch public health insurance. students studying in the Netherlands to purchase at least a base level of insurance - basisverzekering - ideally We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in the Netherlands the best insurance options are: © 2020 – Envisage International When can I use my European health insurance card (EHIC)? of health insurance in the Netherlands. Can students get Housing Benefit in the Netherlands if they’re enrolled full time?

provided by general practitioners, medical specialists and obstetricians, hospital treatment, medication, dental

Schiphol Airport is one of the best connected airports in Europe, but there are also various options of travelling abroad by train or bus. must take out an insurance policy for the standard package. Information about private insurances in the Netherlands including liability, household, life, income, legal, life, vehicle, travel and other insurances. Read more to find out. You can ask for an assessment to determine if you should be insured. Consequently, all that is left for you to do is to enjoy life in the Netherlands to the fullest. Ask a Dutch-speaking friend or colleague to assist you. So if you’re here to just study? Dutch health insurance is compulsory when the Dutch government considers you a resident of the Netherlands. We are working hard to find the best housing providers for you in the Netherlands.

Learn what a work permit for international students is, explore the differences between part-time and full-time employment, and get an overview of the system before you start working in the Netherlands. This will cost you approximately €116 per month and the insurance is offered by a number of health insurance providers. discover how easy it is to get places within the city or the country.

If you are not sure whether you are insured under the Wlz scheme, you can request an assessment, free of charge, on the website of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank. The variety of public transportation in the Netherlands is staggering. We understand that all this information regarding the the Dutch healthcare system may feel daunting, but if you take some time to follow the links in this article, you'll get the hang of it in no time. However, luckily the Dutch government makes it easier for students that may not be able to afford to pay all of the costs of healthcare. for international students may include visits to the Dutch Doctors, General Practitioners It’s an Educational Executive Agency, founded to help both domestic and international students in the Netherlands. Kifid: 300.016412 -

We strongly believe that everybody should have quick access to a Psychologist or Counselor that can address their issues fast and shame-free. Then it is recommended to find out how and what medical costs are covered and whether you need to enrol for a Dutch health insurance. Learn about the healthcare benefit in the Netherlands, its requirements and how to apply.

In the Netherlands, medical insurance for students is mandatory If your nationality is outside of European Union . These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself before you decide on your health insurance provider. People often feel alienated from their healthcare provider, so their ethos is to reduce the barriers between doctor and patient. To receive the allowance you must meet certain criteria such as not having too much income, so make sure to check these before applying. If you want to find a job in the Netherlands, there are several aspects that you have to consider.

One thing to note is that basic health insurance has an excess fee. First of all, you need to determine if you are obliged to take out Dutch health insurance. Home country insurance: International students who are EU/EEA students or Swiss nationals Find out your options on our page about problems with health insurance. If you are interested in taking out student health insurance, you will be happy to know that various insurance companies offer special packages for international students. No Dutch health insurance. Coronavirus update: New national measures announced, BREAKING: New national face mask advice from Prime Minister, Stricter coronavirus measures announced for the Netherlands. If you are a full-time student in the Netherlands and are NOT working, you are not obligated to have Dutch health insurance. is the authority for student insurances. package for health care at a fixed price for all without any discrimination. The amount of healthcare allowance you can receive depends of your income and capital. Find out how to save money as a student in The Netherlands, how to do your taxes like a pro, and how to avoid Incassobureau reprisals. Another popular healthcare provider for internationals in the Netherlands is de nieuwe dokter. You are probably not familiar with the ins and outs of the Dutch healthcare system. Our tips & frequently asked questions can help you on your way for all necessary preparations. choose their own companies. This basic package contains most medical coverages required: Each of the above items will have their requirements and possible limitations regarding financial compensation. Learn everything you need to know about Dutch higher education and universities in the Netherlands. International students, in particular, suffer from stress and depression.

The current structure of medical insurance in the Netherlands requires everyone to have health insurance, and Be sure to bring a European Health Information and links about the healthcare system in the Netherlands including Dutch health insurance, doctors, hospitals, dentists, medicine and pharmacies.

Apply here for a Dutch health insurance International students staying temporarily.

Discover all the different means of transportation that can bring you on your next adventure. The short answer is yes, but there are certain conditions. once it is time to see a Dutch doctor. The Netherlands has a high standard of medical care. It does not cover any travel protection, search and rescue, repatriation to the home country, emergency dental treatments, assistance… A private insurance is highly recommended in the Netherlands also for EU/EEA nationals during the entire stay in the Netherlands. All Dutch healthcare insurance companies must offer at least the basic health care cover package (basisverzekering). If you fail to get a basic Dutch health insurance in time while this is obligatory, you may risk a penalty from the government. The state offers healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag) to help cover your monthly premiums. It is important to obtain health insurance in the What actions can you take if you have problems with your health insurance company or (the payment of) your health insurance? You have one month to take out the insurance, if you don’t you risk a fine. You can rent or buy a bike or scooter to get to the movies, classes, restaurants, or parks in no time. Each degree and each university has its own application requirements, so pay close attention and carefully check the list of required documents.

As fulltime student, you are eligible to buy Swisscare's private international health insurance before arrival in the Netherlands. However, the EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. Here you can also apply for an EU Health Insurance Card that is valid in Holland if you need to go to a hospital. 6. If you are unsure if your stay is considered permanent, you can ask for an assessment to determine if you should be insured. Whether you will need to take out Dutch health insurance during your study in the Netherlands depends on various factors. For foreign students studying in Netherlands.

Insurance Card with you if you have it; this card will be needed If so happens that you need medical attention before you find your GP, you can use the First Aid program as a temporary solution. So, when is Dutch health insurance compulsory and when is it not? Note, the EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance, as it does not cover such things as the flight home after sustaining serious injuries or illnesses.

Private health insurance in the Netherlands must offer a core universal insurance Students with nationality from EU/EEA countries can request in their home country the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Visits and treatment by a general practitioner, Pharmaceuticals (with reference from a physician/general practitioner). After this, you must take out Dutch health insurance. This is amount is provided to help lower income groups pay their healthcare expenses, such as the health insurance premium and the mandatory excess (385 euro).

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