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But for those times when I'm still feeling incredulous, there's Hellbent. Devon and Varsha discuss the atrocities being committed against migrants at the southern US border. They also analyze congress' response to the issue and how we as a country can mitigate ongoing damage from this horrific situation. Monday's episode, for example, was "Donald Trump Will Never Be F*cking Presidential"; other recent episodes include "Maxine Waters Brought the M*therf*cking Fire" and "Dickwads Be Gone. Devon and Varsha discuss Beto entering the 2020 race, Ilhan Omar's antisemetic remarks and the devastating terrorist attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand that left 50 dead and injured 50 more. Hellbent Podcast is a new twice weekly political news and commentary podcast by childhood friends Devon Handy and Sarah Lerner. Devon and Varsha discuss HHS's new rule that prohibits Title X funding recipient (aka Planned Parenthood) from even REFERRING their patients for abortions - they have put a domestic gag rule in place. "I think that the way I choose to raise my son and the way I choose to interact with my family is definitely part of what is going to make this overall change," she says. "Donald Trump Will Never Be F*cking Presidential", "Maxine Waters Brought the M*therf*cking Fire". The Hellbent tagline is "A Feminist Podcast For Those Who Resist & Persist," and it's an apt description of how women have responded to the 2016 election. For decades, women have continued to do the bulk of domestic chores in American homes, even as they become likelier to work full-time. They also discuss Kavanaugh and the in-depth reporting about one of his accusers, Debbie Ramirez. Devon and Varsha are back after a brief unplanned hiatus to discuss the litany of bullshit abortion laws going on the book in red states, ikncluding the freshly-passed steaming pile of garbage that was just passed in the Alabama state senate. She is also a sex worker herself. The other defining feature of Hellbent is what Lerner calls its "unapologetically feminist" perspective. Sarah Lerner is a freelance writer and social media strategist based in Los Angeles. 1; 2; Home; Shows. "It's incumbent upon us to listen, learn, and grow.". In a time when women in America are facing threats to their reproductive rights and are watching a man with a history of misogynistic rhetoric lead the country, Hellbent is a feminist Trump resistance podcast. Devon and Varsha respond to the State of the Union address. ", Rep. Even in liberal circles, that is still the case, says Lerner. "Especially as white women, we know that our perspectives can be limited," Lerner tells Bustle. There are many problems with the failure to recognize women's accomplishments, including disparities in salary and promotion rates. Varsha interviews Kaytlin Bailey, comedian, podcaster on The Oldest Profession Podcast, and the communications director for Decriminalize Sex Work. However, the women of Hellbent argue that the same forces that shape sexist norms in the United States have also made American women uniquely well suited to resisting Trump. This is one of Devon's favorite interviews ever on this show.You can follow Kaytlin @kaytlinbailey https://twitter.com/kaytlinbaileyListen to Kaytlin's podcast The Oldest Profession wherever you get your podcasts. ", Tuning in amid a lengthy news cycle, it's easy to understand why Lerner finds production cathartic. Hosted by Sarah Lerner and Devon Handy, Hellbent serves as an outlet for frustration, a hub for current events information, and, ultimately, an act of self-care — according to its hosts. Lerner also co-hosts the feminist podcast ", “I have friends to vent to, why would I see a therapist?” That’s the…, Studies have shown that companies with more women in leadership positions yield bigger return…, No matter how old I get, I think salary negotiations will always make me…, Women are leaning into their political ambitions in record numbers, and we have the…, What I wish I knew about salary negotiations at age 22. She is also a prolific and insightful political commentator and the coolest person you can follow on Twitter. ", Women have historically been denied credit for their role in group accomplishments and made to do larger shares of so-called "grunt work." Devon and Varsha discuss the government shutdown, the UNKNOWN number of children that have been taken from their parents at the border and other stories that flew under the radar while the government closed for a RECORD SETTING 35 days.They spend some time reveling in the fact that Nancy Pelosi saved the goddamned day. "It's an avenue for us to channel our anger and fear," Lerner tells Bustle. They discuss important historical context and how this has become a concerted ethnic cleansing effort against migrants. Aug 30, 2018 | Hellbent Podcast, Interview, Season 2. They are funny, fierce, and unyielding. Their conversational style and penchant for swearing make Hellbent … THIS IS OUR LONGEST EPISODE TO DATE AND WE CUT MOST OF THE KAITLIN BYRD INTERVIEW.If you'd like to hear the whole Kaitlin Byrd interview, which we HIGHLY recommend, you can find it on http://www.patreon.com/HellbentPodcast on the feed for our $5/mo subscribers.Follow Kaitlin Byrd @GothamGirlBlue https://twitter.com/gothamgirlblue. They are funny, fierce, and unyielding. "I think making phone calls is a perfect example of this behind-the-scenes, quiet, invisible labor that women are often doing," Lerner says. Devon and Varsha discuss the rapidly developing Democratic field of 2020 presidnetal candidates, the destructive and ongoing Trump Shutdown and marginal tax rates. Follow Charlotte @cmclymer - https://twitter.com/cmclymer Follow Devon @DevonHandy - https://twitter.com/DevonHandy Follow Varsha @_varsha_venkat - https://twitter.com/_varsha_venkat. Hellbent Podcast is a twice weekly political news and commentary podcast by Devon Handy and Varsha Venkat. It's a glorious nerd-out about what it's like to work in academia when history has never been more important.Follow Erin: https://twitter.com/erin_bartramFollow Contingent Magazine: https://twitter.com/contingent_mag. Listen. They aim to bring a heavy intersectional feminist lens to the male-dominated political commentary space. This primary may kill your hosts. Lerner also co-hosts the feminist podcast "Hellbent," which records twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays.In her free … I am overjoyed to announce that Hellbent Media has teamed up with Crush the Midterms and Emily’s List to bring you 2 new shows. In some ways, this feminism is as bold and as brash as their episode titles. This idea of "invisible labor" isn't unique to resistance. There is also lots of swearing. They were not impressed.Varsha's interview with Ian Millhiser coming shortly! Hellbent Podcast is a twice weekly political news and commentary podcast by Devon Handy and Varsha Venkat. Devon and Varsha sit down with Charlotte Clymer, Press Secretary of Rapid Response for the Human Rights Campaign. Each will be a limited-run, 10 episode series released every Tuesday until … They also discuss impeachment, Nancy Pelosi, and why there is hope for the future. Episode 144: Make Courts Sexy Again f/ Daniella Gibbs Léger. Devon and Varsha discuss a horrible proposed bill in Arkansas, another white men who was plotting a domestic terrorist attack, and Bernie Sanders' announcement that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, despite not being a Democrat. They are funny, fierce, and unyielding. The long history of American sexism may have kept women out of the White House, but it's also shaped us into the people best suited to resist the current administration. Devon and Varsha discuss the racist and homophobic attack on actor Jussie Smollett, the misinformation in the bullshit "late term" abortion debate and the growing slate of 2020 Democratic party presidential hopefuls. They also talk about immigration policy at large, ICE's latest attempt to circumvent due process and the contrast to the patriarchy's obsession with due process for rich white men.There are a few SPOILERS (from Devon's time a Comic Con)Captain Marvel SPOILER: 9:50-10:34Endgame SPOILER: 12:57-13:27So SKIP those parts if you haven't seen the movies! Crush the Midterms; Candid(ate) Hellbent Podcast; Devon and Varsha discuss NOT the Mueller report, but Attorney General William Barr's 4 page word vomit ABOUT the Mueller report. Hellbent Podcast; Crush the Midterms; Candid(ate) Blog; Newsletter; Support; Contact; ... Posted by Sarah Lerner | Feb 21, 2017. Devon and Varsha discuss the Trump Game of Thrones poster, newly-elected HBIC Nancy Pelosi, and the Trump administration's newest attempt at rolling back and getting rid of civil rights laws and regulations.Feels good to be back! Their conversational style and penchant for swearing make Hellbent … Twice per week, Handy and Lerner clue their listeners in to developments on major U.S. news — but unlike traditional outlets, they don't hold back. They discuss the history of sex work, current laws that hurt sex workers and Pretty Woman. Waters, in particular, is an inspiration to the team at Hellbent, who admire her willingness to speak frankly. and the "send her back" chant.

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