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total number of words in your Word document divided by number of words per book page = your page count so far. , and C.S. We advise against the 8.5 x 11″ copies. *These results are based on industry standards. CJ grew up admiring books. That doesn’t mean that your book will be an instant success if your novel word count is in its optimum number. Generally, your book needs to hit the mark of 40,000 words before it can be considered a novel. Nobody’s stopping you, of course– especially if you think your 100,000-word novel justifies the word count. Now that you know the average number of words per page in your book, you can calculate the page count with a little arithmetic. Total pages required for images: 16 pages. When it comes to this genre, you have to keep your readers on your toes. The above questions and more are the exact reasons we created the tool at the bottom of this page. For a first-time novelist, it might be a little hard to pitch your YA manuscript to editors if your word count exceeds that number. If you are an author of a book or know of a book's accurate wordcount, contact me. This may seem like a non-issue, but the truth is, every author has different questions about their book’s length. They’d often choose the shorter one that is more concise and direct to the point. Still,  it is impossible to not be interested or concerned. As you can see, a smaller trim size will produce more pages for the same word count, and a larger trim size will produce less. FIRST OF ALL, WHY SHOULD YOUR WORD COUNT MATTER AT ALL? This is because the more words you write, the more you might give away the mystery in your novel. Click OK. Set the trim size and type specs to whatever you wish (see instructions below), and see how many pages the text runs to. If you want to calculate any other word count for a 4″ x 6″ trim size, just remember there are approximately 192 words per page using 11 pt type and the margins noted above. Then use the following formula to calculate the average number of words per page: 10,000 divided by number of pages = words per page. It was created to answer all the questions you want to ask and more. For example: 5 full-page images = 5 pages Use whichever method is easiest for you. Every student is assigned to read some consecutive books. Click File>Document Setup to open the Document Setup dialog box. Contact Us. For a larger format book, use the 6″ × 9″ formula to calculate book page count. That doesn’t mean that your book will be an instant success if your novel word count is in its optimum number. That way you’ll see all the changes you’re making to the text in real time. Still, some of the bestselling books in history didn’t even hit the 40,000 mark, such as Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and C.S. Fundamentals of Fiction, Memoir, & Story You have to be careful about your word count when it comes to mystery novels, and hitting 80,000 is the longest you should probably go. Still, some of the bestselling books in history didn’t even hit the 40,000 mark, such as Roald Dahl’s. Wondering how many Word pages equal a book page? However, this figure really varies inside the industry. How to Use Our Book Page Count Calculator. Help Center, How to Write a Book As Told by a Bestseller, How to Publish a Book: Tips From a Bestseller, 400+ Writing Prompts: Fiction & Non-Fiction Book Ideas, Learn How to Write & Publish Your Book in 90 Days. Experiment with our InDesign template to get an accurate page count with whatever trim size and type specs you choose. M & L, Hi M&L, our most faithful readers, Made with ♥ in Boise by Bridger Putnam. If you know anything that I might be missing please let me know. These formulas are based on using: a standard … Well, now you don’t have to worry because we’ve created the perfect hassle-free tool for finding out how many pages are in your book. Frequently, checking how many pages already are there helps them know when they are done, or if their books are too long or short compared to the average book in their chosen genre. Freelance Editor Jessica Hatch says, “In the New York agencies I worked for, it was rare to see a 120,000-word manuscript avoid the slush pile. I am trying to print 15,000 and 30,000 word books on a 4×6 .. For example, it is said that the most perfect word count for a novel is between 80-90k. Here are the steps to using our formulas: The trim size of your book dictates approximately how many words fit on one page, so start by choosing a trim size. However, this figure really varies inside the industry. It was easier writing novels than trying to set them up for pod. I have been at this for over a week, maybe more and have become so discouraged. There is also the factor of publishing costs to consider. Your email address will not be published. 4 quarter-page images = 1 page Hi Elizabeth, I often start by downloading a cover template for the estimated page count at the start of a project. We hope one of these two methods works quickly and easily for you! It’s like a vicious circle….. I’ll try some of what you have written here. Now that we’ve let you on our very handy secret, it’s time to ask yourself the question: How long should my novel be? Choose your new trim size by changing the numbers in the Width and Height boxes, then click OK. If they’re looking for a self-help book, they don’t want to read a 600-page turner. At the 4″ x 6″ trim size, 10,000 words ran to 52 pages (that’s 192 words per page). It’s too much hassle and time-consuming– time you could’ve spent refining and perfecting your book content. It’s a bit on the shorter side. If you have any questions or problems, please let us know in the comments below. ■ The memoir is about a really famous person. Of course, you’ll need InDesign to use this template. You can do it yourself. Here are two theories why: • Because these types of books are usually part of a series, and readers prefer a more extended narration of what will happen next in the story. Sell More Books Number of pages for front and back matter: ________ This will ensure that the text frames stay the same size as the margins, regardless of how large or small the pages are. Our formulas are based on book trim size, typeface, and type size. The final page count for Premium books needs to be divisible by 4 due to the section sewn binding. Glad to be able to help out! There are still many factors to consider, like your genre. His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting. Most blogs show the calculation process for standard 5×8 and so on but not one of them shares a formula for smaller books. 20 half-page images = 10 pages Reading Length is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This template is set to the specifications we guide you through in Book Design Made Simple (i.e., trim size 5.5″ × 8.5″, tx paragraph style with Minion Regular, 11 pt type size with 14 pt leading). If you’re a young author who has absolutely no idea on an ideal book-length, here are some helpful guidelines that can assist you in your book writing. This is the time they could spend on other productive tasks and responsibilities. Whenever anyone talks about word count, they mean the body of the story. Change the Font Family, Size, and Leading (linespacing) by clicking the arrows to the right of those drop-down menus and choosing alternatives. Ebook: Apple Books,, Copyright © 2020 - Fiona Raven and Glenna Collett. This one is still a work in progress so your Method #1 was really helpful. (When you print on demand, every copy costs the same, no matter the volume. MILK Premium Large Photo Book: minimum 24 pages - maximum 200 pages *The final page count for Classic books needs to be divisible by 2 due to the PUR binding. Hi Michelle, it’s definitely a challenge to calculate your page count when your book has a trim size smaller than 5″ x 8″. Happy writing! Add together the following totals to get the final page count for your book: Number of pages for word count (from formulas above): _______ January 8, 2018 By Fiona Raven 13 Comments. Welcome to our book page count calculator! I hope this helps! Usually, only great epics get away with more than 100,000 words because of the brilliance of the material and content, like J.K Rowling’s The Order of the Phoenix, which has a word count of 257,000 words. This tool is helpful for all authors everywhere who want to figure out how many pages their final book will contain based on their current word count. […], Your email address will not be published. And remember, use our book page count calculator to help you write your book! If you don’t have InDesign, you can download it for a free one-week trial or use it at your local library. Before getting ARCs, you should have the book designed and laid out by a professional (unless you’re doing it yourself with help from Book Design Made Simple, of course), complete with a front cover and spine, though you may leave the back cover blank, as this is where your readers’ reviews will go. Good luck with your first venture into book publishing! This is because there’s already massive interest in the memoir with the person’s fans or admirers, and it would be wiser to give them more than less. My book, according to your helpful calculations, 20,000 words will be about 73 pages, 1.5 line spacing, 12p font and Times Romans. Traditionally published novels can go from 80,000 words to even as high as 110,000. Example : Input : pages[] = {12, 34, 67, 90} m = 2 Output : 113 Explanation: There are 2 …

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