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Call Us 24 Hours a Day at 407-422-4529 or Fill Out The Form Below to Schedule Your Free Consultation. Jackknife accidents can be disastrous. 18-Wheeler Accident Statistics Some common causes of jackknife accidents include: Regardless of the reason, when a truck driver loses control over the truck, the trailer continues to move forward, resulting in the trailer swinging to the side. We at the Saeedian Law Group are ready to offer our legal expertise to all accident victims. The serious injuries you sustain may make it difficult for you to move forward with any legal proceedings on your own. Orlando, FL 32814 Whether the truck driver or the driver of the passenger vehicle causes the accident, severe damage can result from these types of accidents. Often, the defendant or insurance company will make a low settlement offer in hopes that the injured individual will act quickly to secure some financial relief. 90211 An attorney can work with you to ensure that your damages demand includes all of the injuries that you suffered due to the defendant’s negligence. The driver must be aware, however, that the trailer could slide up against parked cars or a guard rail, or that the wheels could slide into a ditch. The wheels on the truck may be worn down to the point where they are too smooth to be safe. Jackknife truck accidents develop suddenly and are usually caused by the sudden application of the truck's brakes. Jackknife accidents aren’t limited to big trucks. Some drivers may see the truck crash beside them and think they’re in the clear only for the trailer to prove them wrong. That’s a problem because sliding friction doesn’t offer as much grip compared to static friction. Your brakes may also be malfunctioning. Contact us as soon as you can after the accident so we can start working on your case. Our Texas truck accident lawyers at Tormey & McConnell have the knowledge and experience to handle the trucking insurance company while you focus on your recovery. The massive trailer keeps moving and pivots on the hinge, swinging around towards the cab of the truck. This situation can occur especially when the trailer is empty or lightly loaded, and weather conditions cause violent gusts of crosswind. Bad weather conditions: Bad weather can present a danger for any vehicle, but especially for trucks. You can do everything right as a driver and still cause an accident. Michael T. Gibson, P.A., Auto Justice Attorney 9025 Wilshire Boulevard Most states follow “at-fault” insurance laws, which means the liable driver (and their insurance company) are responsible for ... Each state enforces its own laws surrounding car insurance and accident liability. If a truck driver loses control or crashes for any reason, the consequences could be dire. Other damages resulting from the accident, The truck accident lawyers at E. Orum Young have years of experience taking on large trucking corporations to give you the justice you deserve. You must never take the destructive force of a jackknife accident lightly. In this situation, a truck driver’s first instinct may be to slam on the brakes. There are many causes for jackknife accidents with large commercial trucks on the roads in Tennessee. In a jackknife accident, the hitch acts as a hinge. If you were involved in a jackknife accident, an experienced lawyer is an invaluable asset. It becomes harder for your tires to maintain a solid grip with the road in that scenario because of the lack of static friction. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). There’s a reason why road advisories are usually issued whenever it rains or snows in an area. An employer is legally responsible for the acts of its employees. It will require an enormous amount of force to stop. The injuries you sustain may vary in severity depending on the circumstances, but all should be treated by a medical professional and documented for future use. Truck drivers should take all possible precautions for avoiding jackknife accidents. One of the best ways to avoid a jackknife accident is to ensure that the truck driver is properly trained, rested, and attentive. For any questions regarding jackknife accidents and who should be held responsible, contact a truck accident attorney. Please consult an attorney for advice about your individual situation. The FMCSA reminds drivers of passenger vehicles to give trucks plenty of clearance around turns and curves. Maryland Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney Truck Accident Litigation. We've already touched on it earlier, but trucks do not work the same way as most passenger vehicles. Additionally, to handle or avoid the factors contributing to a jackknife accident, a driver must be skilled in driving commercial vehicles. Those are some of the issues you can spot during maintenance that can cause issues when you're driving. A report by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis concluded that jackknife accidents account for 10 percent of all truck-related occupant fatalities. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual It’s also easy to see why we should all do what we can to prevent them from happening. If you have been in a jackknife accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any injuries and damages you suffered. The trucks are dangerous on their own. Contact Pearson Butler today at (800) 265-2314 to schedule a consultation. One last tip for truck drivers out there: Don’t get in the driver’s seat if you’re not in the right condition. A comprehensive damages assessment will help you evaluate any settlement offer received from a defendant or his or her insurance company. It closely resembles those folding blades that some hobbyists, hunters, or campers may use. An empty trailer is more prone to jackknifing. This, however, causes the truck’s trailer to keep moving forward while the towing cab of the truck has stopped, thus creating the characteristic L or V-shape. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual Jackknifing occurs because either the cab wheels or trailer wheels lose traction. The information on this website is for general information purposes only. If you were injured due to the negligent actions of another party, you should seek financial compensation for all the damages that you have suffered because of the accident. A second trailer may add to the forward momentum. As we’ve established already, less static friction is bad news for your vehicle. Treating the injuries that can follow a jackknife accident is costly and painful. The trailer attaches to the back of the cab. , jackknifing is typically caused by driver error. We’ll launch an immediate investigation to determine the cause of the crash and all liable parties. A lawyer can also enlist financial and medical experts to opine on complicated damages, like future medical care or loss of future earning potential. Until an attorney-client relationship is established, please withhold from sending any confidential information to us. When a trailer skids to one side, this is known as a trailer swing or trailer slew. Many of us are familiar with jackknife accidents since they’re often characterized by a truck splayed across multiple lanes of a highway.

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