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Mars has aliens and people who fight a lot. He somehow travels from 19th century America to Mars. All rights reserved. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The parallels between Carter’s world on earth and his world on Mars, of which there are many, were a sturdy structure, though barely noticed through the magnificent foreground aspects of the story. The movie John Carter of Mars was such a pleasant surprise. I know that guy! At least that’s how it could have been. Michael Giacchino’s music, though not having memorable melodies, hits all the right dramatic notes, from war to wonder to wistful romanticism (with an interesting final chord emphasizing the third (!). That’s about it though, it’s a mediocre misfire of a movie that’s overlong with poor characters and a forgettable storyline. And the quotes**. Netflix is still spring cleaning into May, as the streamer announced a number of titles leaving in the upcoming month. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter The moving city! Was that the dance troupe you were in where each letter was a members surname starting with M for Mallon? Which is sad because there are elements that work. Lilly Allen’s character was my favourite. And here it was made almost 7 years ago. Join to Connect. Your comments help me to understand a bit why it did so poorly in the theatre when it came out. Haha I was thinking the same! Oh I couldn’t disagree with the reviewer and most of the commenters more!! It doesn’t know if it’s a big silly action movie or if it’s an epic, blockbuster war movie. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Full Metal Bitches - Why Women In Action Movies Are Shit (apart from this one), The Man Who Was Thursday (2016) - Sacrilicious. We’re supposed to believe this is a man who has no cause to fight for who basically changes his whole outlook when he claps eyes on a sexy martian princess. Terms of Use | Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. hadn’t heard of this film prior to your review. will promptly lapse back into obliviousness about it. 80s action movie bad-guy edition! The landscape! 4:49 PM PDT 4/27/2020 ( Log Out /  TWITTER The effects are mostly good, it’s got a great soundtrack, and it’s got a nice little ending. I counted eight times that the title character gets caught and has to escape. The end. She's Out of My League There’s no subtlety to Carter’s redemption, one minute the guy is a dick, the next he’s a hero. Great review! Not really sure why. I actually kind of liked this film. Where does 90s dance group MARRS rate on the Screenkicker Quality Index? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The way Kantos Kahn has to take himself hostage to get Carter out of danger. What's Eating Gilbert Grape The creatures! Guess I should stick with that choice. . Carriers What a total romp! My Girl I haven’t watched this. Cheers Mikey! Taylor Kitsch as big JC is fine in an inoffensive kind of way but the character of Carter is poorly written.

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