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The idea of the rigid style seemed to me then something you needn’t concern yourself with, it would trap you.” –David Hockney * ©2020 The Art Story Foundation. ), Circa 1985 — Artist David Hockney on Inflatable Raft in Pool — Image by © Michael Childers/Corbis, (Left) Circa 1985 — Artist David Hockney on Stairs by Hedge — Image by © Michael Childers/Corbis, (Right) May 1977, NY — David Hockney, Washington Square Park. A Bigger Splash, 1967. A Bigger Splash was created as the final result of two smaller paintings in which he developed his ideas, A Little Splash (1966) and The Splash (1966). He painted this work by stapling the canvas to his studio wall.

The Telegraph / The Wall Street Journal / Shadows appear to have been banished from his acrylic canvases of the 1960s, slick as magazine pages. By Margaret Drabble and Marco Livingstone, By Simon Hattenstone / Acrylic on canvas. The vast span of his work demonstrates his utter originality as an artist and yet at the same time his various bodies of work bear traces of influence, not only from how he’s looked—and what he’s looked at—but how he has observed his own experience. Stylized, blocky forms and scrawled words offer symbols as opposed to descriptions of the encounter. These offer unrivaled, almost cinematic, insights into the mood and culture of this transitional decade in American history. It is one of the first, however, to address homoeroticism, an important theme in his work. Simple, yet striking. Please read our privacy policy before submitting data on this web site. Large Interior, Los Angeles by David Hockney, 1988. Mount Fuji and Flowers by David Hockney, 1972. It was made by lots of young artists who felt that the art they saw in galleries was a little bit boring. A sketchy swathe of blue hints at a sense of place. Style– Just take what you want, don’t let it trap you. Hockney doesn’t abandon the academic as so much as transmute its concerns in terms of style and inspiration.

National Gallery of Australia, By Steph Moffat / In a composition that resembles a child's drawing, two figures kiss and embrace. Hockney and Beaton is my best ever: http://pschlesinger.com/cp_hockney.html, I contacted Peter Schlesinger to buy Mr G a print but it was a little out of my league price-wise.

Hockney’s move to California in 1964 shifted his field of vision outward, to angular mid-century modern architecture, and the reflective surfaces of glass and water.

Pool and Steps, Le Nid du Duc by David Hockney, 1971. (Lt.) Artist David Hockney — image King Collection/Retna LTD (Rt.) The Guardian / And I loved the idea of painting this thing that lasts for two seconds: it takes me two weeks to paint this event that lasts for two seconds.". The Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2018 sweeping David Hockney retrospective was an extended meditation on what style means in modernism, and in particular what it means to Hockney. Submission of data is acknowledgement of acceptance of our privacy policy. Pop art was a style of art that was bright, full of colour. Hockney cleverly composed a patchwork of images. A printmaker friend has who’s worked with him on editions sent me a note when she met him, saying he was “wearing a little orange cap and tweed blazer and was everything I imagined he would be.”. October 27, 2013, The Royal Academy's Exhibition: A Bigger Picture, Segment by Robert Hughes from The New Shock of the New, For David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition: 10/26/2013 - 1/20/14 at The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, By Martin Gayford /

This gives the painting a disjointed effect that is absolutely intentional, and in fact one of the hallmarks of Hockney's style. Acrylic on canvas. Los Angeles Times / The subject matter of interest ranges from still lifes to landscapes, portraits of friends, his dogs, and stage designs for the Royal Court Theatre, Glyndebourne, and the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. They are proof again that Hockney is always looking in a bifocal way—at what is before him, and the art historical precursors of how similar sights have been seen and rendered before. Hockney has experimented with painting, drawing, printmaking, watercolours, photography, and many other media including a fax machine, paper pulp, and computer and iPad drawing programs. Acrylic on canvas.

— Image by © Bettmann/Corbis, Circa 1985 — David Hockney Smoking Cigar Outside Barn — Image by © Michael Childers/Corbis, Circa 1985 — David Hockney Hiding Behind Hedge — Image by © Michael Childers/Corbis, July 1989, Boulder, Colorado — David Hockney and William S. Burroughs — Image by © Allen Ginsberg/Corbis. These concerns remain as the underlying motive for his pictures even as subject matter and technique change. His sketches and photo-collages might be better understood not so much as a display of two more of Hockney’s many oeuvres, although they are that, but as études in a more traditional sense of academic drawing. Besides his own painting he has designed several stage and opera sets. “put on something nice and live as though youre wearing rags” this man has so much ease in his clothes- i dig it. Born in Bradford in 1937, Hockney was one of the big artists involved in the pop art movement in the 1960s. The dynamism of the splash contrasts strongly with the static and rigid geometry of the house, the pool edge, the palm trees, and the striking yellow diving board, which are all carefully arranged in a grid containing the splash. Oil on canvas.

Acrylic on canvas. I’ve been working on a Hockney post myself, and in the process rewatched Jack Hazan’s portrait, “a perfect splash” … it’s really as much a glimpse of a time and place and, of course, endlessly stylish.

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Hockney's unmistakable style incorporates a broad range of sources from Baroque to Cubism and, most recently, computer graphics. — Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis (Am I high, or does Hockney look like he was spawned via a Twiggy /. Oil on canvas. Nichols Canyon by David Hockney, 1980. "David Hockney Artist Overview and Analysis". Also noteworthy is the manner in which the poses transgress traditional gender norms.


On the other, in a variation on figure studies, his source for male figures in his paintings comes from the magazines published by the Athletic Model Guild as well as from his own relationships.

His work, regardless of form, is consistently about his own experience and his relationships with friends, lovers, and family. Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy by David Hockney, 1968. He said in his autobiography, "I love the idea first of all of painting like Leonardo, all his studies of water, swirling things.

By pictures he means something distinct from art history—a history of images that includes high and low, from Disney to Caravaggio. He used Polaroid photos and soon 35mm prints in color.

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