movies set in the future that is now past

We've built the future! Robert Patrick, Votes: Amanda Peet, Votes: In 1983, the nations of the world agreed to the Oslo Disarmament, resulting in nuclear stockpiles being severely reduced. | Gross: The first manned mission to Mars returns to Earth in this year. Published in 2003. | The novel correctly predicted that the US and the UK would invade, After a failed attempt in 1973, the first, Aliens colonise Earth and force the human race to relocate to. 570,987 Sixteen-plus years after unspecified apocalyptic events, US society has collapsed due to racially motivated attacks by a fanatical militia-like group, culminating in nuclear war and followed by plagues, that collectively left a huge impact on civilization and erased most technology. When a group of radicalized members of the Black World conspire to sabotage the renegotiation of the treaty, the Black Guard must stop them. The Predator returns to Earth, this time to stake a claim on the war-torn streets of a dystopian Los Angeles. Edward Furlong, Depicts, The book opens in the then contemporary period, in which a, In 1992, the United States of America and the, The United Defense Force (UDF), a global military alliance established to combat an. In Los Angeles, the crime rate is up 200%. The world is overpopulated at 7 billion people, with 35 million people in New York City alone. 744,934 In 1985, computer controlled houses cook and clean for their inhabitants. No, we didn’t get hoverboards or 18 different “Jaws” sequels (although, we did get more than we ever needed) by the year 2015, but Back to the Future Part II did make one prediction that was so close to being right, it’s a little scary. The virus was supposably released in 1996, although the time from which Bruce Willis character time travelled from has yet to pass. | In 2014, Earth is struggling to rebuild after a devastating plague. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. | Arnold Schwarzenegger, In 1980, an evil alien race known simply as the Invaders are about to take over the Earth, using assorted. Anderson By 2003, five world powers have established colonies on the Moon: the United States (Moonbase 1), the Soviet Union (Moonbase 2), Europe (Moonbase 3), China (Moonbase 4) and Brazil (Moonbase 5). $57.14M. Household robots are common if ineffective. In 1988, Earth makes the first contact with an alien civilization. (first impressions). In 1940, the US is a country with no poverty or prostitution, "no labor problem – no color problem – no sex problem – almost no disease – very little accident – practically no fires," a place in which "the only kind of prison left is called a quarantine," where problems of deforestation and soil erosion are being remedied, and in which "no one needs to work over two hours a day and most people work four....", The novel is set in the 22nd century, but after the United States repealed. During the war. Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Peter Hyams Some episodes are set in 2020. The inspiration for the film, Set in a French castle during the outbreak of a nuclear war. Director: After the "economic wars" of 2011, the Deutschland Moldavia corporation rules most of the world. Depicts a coup d'état in Russia and a civil war following a coup d'état in a republican, In 2017, the United States has fragmented into post-apocalyptic wastelands.

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