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How they ask you to be their girlfriend/boyfriend, Leif x reader(Meeting your other friends). I didnt realize that." Where Ava just so happens to be throwing out her garbage, where she encounters the boys, and see's Asch on the ground. #noi Asch says finishing Leif's sentence... Well cutting him off. #oneshot I got grabby and put my fingers in Asch's hair. I want to pretend I'm human. Well... this was new. His surprisingly strong arms propped you up as you wobbled into your apartment. We'd never have a magic crisis because we'd only use magic where necessary. My anger is beyond imaginable and I don't know how to handle it. I'm out", he said, phasing away. She and Noi then use the soul to open a portal to Earth. #myinnerdemons Ava wanted to throw you a party but you didnt want anythingg big since you don't like parties much. "Ryhs double checks as he looks at his newly arrived food. #reader "And what makes you think you can tell me what to do?" "Alright!Since we have no food here, we're all going out to eat!". Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day with Pierce? Once Pierce finally gets out of bed, he walks to the rest of us stopping beside me.Ava walks out in her new clothes. I jump up and down. Noi stuttered a bit,"Umm t-truth?". #myinnerdemons As of Episode 15, they are … It made me a bit more confident to see what else I could do to make it spicey for her. Keeping these thoughts in your head you still couldn't get his panting image out of your head. #leif Ask your worst Noi." I step up from my chair and push past the guys so I'm facing Asch, "You're not forcing her into anything." This is also displayed in the episode "Shut Up and Drive!". Leif looked at me with a red face,"Wow I didnt even think you would do that." "She's not leaving. I lower my head, thinking about all that Asch has been through and why he's doing this.To protect me. As we're all eating, I feel a warm hand rub up my leg.I look over to Pierce and he just has a smug look on his face.He runs his hand up to my thigh and keeps rubbing it.I accidentally let out a small moan. I growl and Asch stands up to face me. So here you are now. #demons "Oh thank you brother!Thank you so much! #leif My eyes slowly open from a comfortable position in bed.Turning to look at where the voice came from, I see Asch.I slowly start to sit up.Before I can even attempt to get even a leg out of bed, a strong arm wraps around my waist and pulls me back down. This is completely unlike his before actions, in how he let his pride down. The prince's breath hitched as unfamiliar sensations spread throughout his body. Asch also has a symbolizing tattoo on his right arm, along with a golden band/bracelet and bandages. Lovely one-shots and scenarios! Or perhaps you wondered what it could be like to court the Demon Prince? I licked his lip asking for entrance I'm not to sure if he knew what I was trying to do or not but I felt warm hands around my waist pulling closer. Leif rolled his eyes,Noi spun the bottle it landed on Ava,"Truth or dare Ava?" 1) Pierce x Reader | The Witch & The Demon, 5)Asch x Reader (pt.2)| Sanctuary -- Smut, 6) Noi x Reader (x Pierce?) #asch "Okay, this new idea opens up a whole new bottle of questions. LunaSchnee/The Ark (Fanfic) MyrrSenpai/FANFIC-While You Were Gone - Prolouge; TheSockMaster1415/The Nether (A … Noi looked back at me and smiled,"Oh no...what are you two thinking? My Inner Demons- One-Shots & Scenarios Fanfiction. After I tell him the news, he smiles genuinely.Its the first time I've seen him do that in a  very long time.We hold hands and head back to Ava's living space, joining the others.As we walk in, Asch gives us a angry look but takes a deep breath and calms down. #completed #roleplay. He likes to do everything his way. Ava said I loved playing truth or dare when I was younger because I'll always take a dare plus I never back down and I never will. .. Pierce as the buff boi . You know why we need you." Ava then proceeds to give Asch CPR, and bring him back to life. I know Rhys would, not the rest of us. "What if I said I liked you?". Ava glared at me and sighed,"Yes..I do like Ryhs..." me and Noi screamed since we both knew that they liked each other for a while,and on top of that Ryhs and Ava were our OTP! #innerdemons #minecraft Is it true that you like Ryhs?" ", We all go to leave and as we are Ava reminds us,"Make sure to get rid of your horns!". Read 12)Asch x Reader | Whiskey & Jealousy from the story My Inner Demons Oneshots by Julias_Epiphany ( ♡ (On Break RN)) with 962 reads. Me slicing your throat." "Ava it's your turn spin the bottle. 1)| Royal Court | The Viscountess. Enjoy! Asch said while hitting the back of Leif's head"well we could just train-" Noi said before you cut him off"Oh! Your both tomato's!" Asch's face began to turn red,"O-oh.. I took one of my pillows and slapped him with it,"Ow what was that for?" "When did you get in here? I start ranting. #asch Other ships are Pierce x Ava, Noi x Leif and Rhys x Ice-cream. [My Inner Demons X Child! After helping Ava and Pierce put all the things away you all went your separate ways giving a last final goodnight before closing your door ready to hit the road in dream land. #noi I smile at this. I mean seriously think about the plan. You pondered on his question for a while. :DI hope you enjoyed it!Requests. Not much is known about Asch, other than he is the prince of Daemos. Read Asch x reader lemon pt1 from the story My inner demons x reader by PillowCasesTalk (Pillow Timez) with 1,669 reads. "Yes Ryhs.For the 7th time, it's not poisonous.". I chuckled before I spoke,"Is it true that you have a crush on Lorelai?" I teased her. I play with his hands. #lorelei #aphmau I spun the bottle first, it landed on Noi. But we're all f'ed because they're all tyrant, brutes that think with their blood-lust and not their head. I can't think, I don't know what to do. #pierce Rhys says sternly. Synopsis: after your promotion, you go out drinking with Jake. "Now tell me, prisoner, why were you with that man?". Asch is one of the main protagonists in My Inner Demons.JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"}). Asch and everyone else baked your favorite foods and played your favorite games. My Inner Demons by Secret~ 5.3K 77 8. Did this warrant a celebration? I've been thinking, what if I just made Ava mine.". "I said deviously. Asch doesn't take it very well. Asch gets angry, and burns down the tree Ava is stuck on, letting her down. "I yell back, attempting to go back to Pierce. A reply came quickly: "congratulations! #aschxreader "Heh, no it's not.We're going to IHOP!You've never been there so don't ask questions until we arrive.Now, go get changed into your human clothes and meet me back here. #mystreet While stepping into onto Earth, the oxygen level for them are heavily dangerous (I.E. Leif blushes even more and stays silent as he still holds Noi, After 5 minutes or so you come out of your room with the outfit on as you sit back in the circle as you see Asch covering his face from blush, Leif laughs at your embarrassment as you stare daggers at him "Noi truth or dare" you ask while still blushing"U-um Dare?"

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