pendennis club racist

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One can conclude that the two traditions converge, with the former having an ounce or two of truth. Kyle Duncan’s career demonstrates a commitment to depriving targeted groups of their basic rights and dignity.

It has no business except to serve its members.

[Updated March 23] President Trump has had 28 of his federal circuit and district court nominees confirmed by the Senate—a remarkably high number for this early in an administration.

But far more disturbing were some of the political comments he wrote on the University of Alabama’s football fan message board: Status: Approved by committee in a party-line vote, but nomination subsequently withdrawn. These nominations come from a president who condemned “many sides” in response to white nationalist violence in Charlottesville, urged NFL team owners to fire players for protesting police violence against African Americans, disparaged Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries,” spread the racist birther lie about President Obama, called Mexicans rapists and criminals, pardoned the notoriously racist Joe Arpaio, insulted federal judge Gonzalo Curiel for his Hispanic heritage, proudly announced he would ban Muslims from entering the country, and more. William Barber described this as “disturbing new information indicating that Farr misrepresented his past to the Committee and showing Farr’s connections to the worst elements of white supremacy.” Sen. Cory Booker wrote to Farr seeking an explanation. Even more dramatically, only one of Trump’s nominees is African American. However, Chairman Chuck Grassley refused, and the committee voted on a party-line basis to advance his nomination to the full Senate. Among the 86 lawyers he has chosen for lifetime positions on our nation’s lower federal courts, only seven are people of color. 0000033154 00000 n A more scholarly tradition identifies it as a fragment from an ode by the Latin poet Horace, the first two lines of which translate: “On neither weak nor vulgar wing shall I be borne through liquid air.”. (Eastern District of North Carolina). President Obama nominated two highly qualified African American women for that judgeship—Jennifer May-Parker and Patricia Timmons-Goodson. (Western District of Tennessee). 0000007666 00000 n

Unfortunately, too many of President Trump’s judicial nominees seem to be anything but independent and fair-minded. Yet in response to senators’ written questions, he claimed never to have thought about how. The Club borrowed its crest and motto from John Pendennis, the Major and Pen. That’s only eight percent, a sharp departure from the previous administration’s 37 percent rate.

The bulk of his career has been in private practice, choosing to defend corporations sued for violating their employees’ legal rights, including those related to discrimination. 0000040450 00000 n

%PDF-1.6 %���� 616 0 obj << /Linearized 1.0 /L 400313 /H [ 57853 576 ] /O 619 /E 58429 /N 41 /T 387948 /P 0 >> endobj xref 616 40 0000000015 00000 n As the Tennessee Senate’s Majority Leader for over a decade (and a member of that body since 2000) Mark Norris has made statements and advocated policies that have loudly proclaimed certain people as outsiders in our society. The Club’s Heraldic Crest and Motto. Our membership enjoys experiences ranging from relaxed time in the Grill to formal dining in the Main Dining Room.

0000008026 00000 n Re: Troubling Judicial Nominees from a Racist President. He praised two speakers at the Republican National Convention for their “stirring talks focusing on why blue lives matter.” One of the speakers had asserted that the Black Lives Matter movement advocates anarchy.

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Our democracy is premised on the idea that all parties stand as equals before the judge and before the law, regardless of their wealth or influence. People of color have found themselves included in these efforts, primarily through Duncan’s efforts to make it harder for them to vote. Food and Drink. This should not come as a surprise. 0000006742 00000 n 0000003658 00000 n 0000057471 00000 n Contact: Drew Courtney at People For the American Way, To: Interested Parties Booker noted that Farr’s response raised even more questions, and he and Sen. Kamala Harris (both new to the Judiciary Committee) requested a follow-up hearing to question Farr about the apparent discrepancy with his sworn testimony. 0000056931 00000 n 0000005174 00000 n 0000002091 00000 n An additional 55 are making their way through the Senate, while three were returned to the White House at the end of 2017 and not renominated. And when John died and was buried in the abbey church of Clavering St. Mary’s, “a fair marble slab” was erected over his pew.

0000004212 00000 n The Club borrowed its crest and motto from John Pendennis, the Major and Pen. The members are racist, sexist, classist pigs. He defended the state’s monster voter suppression law, which was struck down by the Fourth Circuit. He sponsored a bill to permit enhanced penalties for state criminal defendants who are deemed by the trial judge to be in the country unlawfully. It is purely a social organization. 0000005034 00000 n (formerly Walnut Street) in Louisville, Kentucky. Below are several examples of our racist president’s nominees with disturbing records regarding the rights of people of color.

About the Club. 0000007844 00000 n If you require an intimate dinner or a grand affair for 500, The Pendennis stands ready to accommodate your event. From:  Paul Gordon, Senior Legislative Counsel, People For the American Way Major Arthur Pendennis, we are told, wore an elegant ring also “emblazoned with the famous arms of Pendennis.”.

0000057853 00000 n 0000006609 00000 n John, in his rise up the social ladder, first “had a gig with a man to drive him” but later on “his poor old mother had the happiness of seeing him from her bedroom window, to which her chair was rolled, her beloved John step into a close carriage of his own, a one-horse carriage, it is true, but with the arms of the family of Pendennis handsomely emblazoned on the panels.” Perhaps Brett Talley’s most publicized disqualification was his stunning inexperience actually practicing law. But North Carolina’s GOP senators blocked both nominees without explanation, leaving the vacancy open for years for it to be filled by Farr. 0000002955 00000 n

The court found that the legislation was actually intended to make voting harder for African Americans, and that its provisions “target[ed] African Americans with almost surgical precision.” He also defended racially gerrymandered congressional districts designed by his party, which the Supreme Court found unconstitutional. There is racist wallpaper. Indeed, his career has been dedicated to undermining anti-discrimination laws, suppressing the vote, and weakening unions. No one has a … In 2016, when North Carolina stripped residents of the right to go to court when they are victims of unlawful discrimination, Farr expressed his personal support. 0000002069 00000 n 0000004754 00000 n 0000037282 00000 n Website by.
John Bush anonymously engaged in often-venomous political debate through a blog, Elephants in the Bluegrass. He helped make it harder to remove or rename monuments designed to promote white supremacy and instill fear in African Americans.

Bush failed to disclose the club’s discriminatory history to the Judiciary Committee, despite explicitly being asked about it.

0000056150 00000 n The blog and other parts of his record raised serious concerns that would give African American plaintiffs pause about the kind of treatment they might receive in his courtroom. 0000006204 00000 n Edit Memo: Troubling Judicial Nominees from a Racist President, evidence arose seriously undermining that claim, Sen. Cory Booker wrote to Farr seeking an explanation, resolution honoring Nashville activist Renata Soto, depriving targeted groups of their basic rights and dignity, Lead counsel in defending against numerous employment discrimination cases, Lead defense counsel in class-action suit brought by Washington-based legal defense fund against a local rental car company for alleged racial discrimination against customers, Lead defense counsel in class action by EEOC against major multinational corporation for alleged racial harassment. Especially concerning was his involvement in a notorious voter suppression effort by the Jesse Helms campaign in 1990.

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