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In the scene where the family sits in the kitchen and a cat jumps into the man's lap, prior to shooting the scene trainers gave the actor some food treats. After she sends the food up she hears a scraping noise overhead as Zelda drags herself over to the dumb waiter, and then there's a crashing noise. The cat was kept on a leash when not working on a scene. A one-stop shop for all things video games. However, due to the close proximity of the dangerous road, he ultimately takes Church to the vet to have the operation in the hopes that it will prevent the cat from wandering to his death. Connections The filmmakers take liberties with the source material, especially the downbeat ending (which, incidentally, King approves of). "That's one thing I would have loved to put in the movie, but we didn't really have room for it. The cat immediately jumped on his lap. A lifetime resident of Ludlow, Jud knows well enough not to venture into the burial ground too often. Then we did the cats enjoying the dry tub with lots of treats, so they got some pâté and kitty treats. The novel stated that most animals revived just come back 'off' rather than explicitly bad, Jud explicitly states that everything he's heard of that was brought back to life came back mean and cruel, and also acknowledges that the place has the power to twist minds so that they tell themselves it might work out better this time. The film’s other theme is that of guilt. In the scene where Ellie combs Church's thick coat, struggling, and the cat scratches the girl and runs off, this scene was filmed in different small takes.

The new cinematic adaption of the novel (the first adaption appeared in 1989 and was a feeble effort) doesn’t shy away from the child’s death. Jud, Louis's neighbor, sheds some light on the history of the Wendigo and Ludlow. Ellie's death results from another significant change from the novel: Louis' treatment of Church.

She almost dies of a heart attack early in the book, but Louis saves her, which is one of the reasons Jud takes Louis to the burial ground. "A lot of times with endings, you kind of just let the audience tell you what they're feeling. One of them was the original ending from the book, and when they showed both endings to test audiences, the new one got the best response, according to producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura. His name is Timmy Baterman. | It took ten minutes to apply the undead makeup per cat, to get the makeup on animal trainer, When speaking in a interview shortly after the films release, directors, Church is found dead on Halloween in this version. Gage takes off running towards the road while his parents are distracted, and although Louis gives chase and comes very close to catching him, he isn't able to stop his son from running into the path of an Orinco truck. "When you're making an adaptation, you want to do as much new, fresh things that you can because there's already an existing movie," said, While five cats were used throughout the film, it was primarily Leo and Tonic who played Church in the key moments, with Tonic playing the role of a living Church and Leo taking over whenever Church was required to be undead. The trainers placed the cat in the closet, cued him to stay, and on action, the actor opened the door and looked down at him. This is the first Pet Sematary movie to be shot digitally and in the widescreen 2.39:1 "scope" aspect ratio, unlike its original, which was shot on 35mm film, and in the taller 1.85:1 ratio. Crazy Credits

In the scene where Louis drives to the highway, and takes Church out of the cage, and places him on the side of the road, the cat and the actor were acquainted. When Church and Ellie are resurrected, they both have one eye slightly closed. Prior to shooting the scene, the trainer placed the cat on the bottom step of the stairs.

Church finds his way home, and when Ellie sees him walking down the road she runs out to greet him. In the novel, when Louis considers bringing Gage back by burying him in the burial ground, Jud tells Louis the gruesome story of WWII Veteran Timmy Baterman, the last person who was resurrected by the burial ground. Yellow-eyed, fur matted, he exhibits hate and a burning desire to kill his human family. "There's a small remnant of it where you can see the father-in-law give [Louis] the dirtiest look at the funeral, and that's a tip of the hat to the subject matter," said Di Bonaventura. The film was also released during the month of Easter, which is all about resurrection.

| Judging by the the archives that Louis pulls up on his computer, the burial ground's powers seem to be common knowledge in Ludlow. On the other, agnostics won’t be pleased that the dead can be brought back at all, or that demonic evil exists. In the film, Rachel and Ellie discover the cemetery on their own.

Revived as a zombie Rat - Eaten by Zombie Church. "It's Rachel's memory, but we never say what she has," said Widmyer.

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