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"[65] However, Amanda Yeo of Kotaku enjoyed the game and its characters: "Persona 5 taught me how to be a friend. There is an additional possible level that may be met, Limbo. This is particularly common in Japanese media, stemming from the popularity of Arsène Lupin in Japan. Persona 5 has Confidants (コープ, kōpu, lit. Makoto reveals Tsukasa's true nature to Eiko with Joker's help, and decides to follow her father onto the police force. In Super Smash Bros. Afterwards, Ann becomes a vital member of the Thieves. I want to strengthen my heart. He is a new guidance councilor that arrives at Shujin Academy after the arrest of Kamoshida. An odd one out, Ryuji is known as a problematic kid in the school running a foul mouth. After Kamoshida's arrest, he realizes that Joker, Ryuji, and Ann are the Phantom Thieves. Ryuji Sakamoto: His code name is the skull. The sidestory centered on the Black Arachnid of, Sir Charles Lytton, a.k.a. Ryuji Sakamoto (坂本 竜司, Sakamoto Ryūji), using the Phantom Thief codename "Skull", is Joker's first companion. Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers 4. Initially saying that it pays her sister's medical bills, Kawakami's second job allows her no time to rest and she is hospitalized with exhaustion. With the idea implanted in his head, Fischer wakes up a new man and dissolves his company. With the final destruction of the Metaverse, Joker returns home with his name cleared. Half-votes are the previously mentioned requirements sans the "well-written". While working with the Thieves to uncover who was behind the mental shutdown incidents, Futaba begins to overcome her fear of people. Steals for reasons other than personal gain, such as personal challenge, being a, Is meant to be either admired by the audience or at the very least, Dorian Red Gloria, Earl of Gloria (more commonly known as "Eroica") from, Called out to, but not really played right with, Kaitou Kid (literally known as the Phantom Thief Kid) from, Twenty Faces from Kigitsu Katsuhisa's one-shot manga. In Persona 5 Royal, her Persona can evolve into Lucy. Once Fischer has been convinced, the waves of enemies will begin to spawn and start to look for the Thieves. Once you start, Persona 5 Royal is going to be a hard one to put down. An amnesiac talking cat, Morgana meets Joker and Ryuji as they try to escape Kamoshida's castle. Once they recruit the rest of the Thieves, Akechi and Joker meet with Maruki, where he reveals that Akechi is an actualized version of the detective that came back to life when Maruki came back to life. Eventually, she is revealed to be Kasumi's younger twin sister, Sumire Yoshizawa (芳澤 すみれ, Yoshizawa Sumire), whose memories were changed by Takuto Maruki to make her believe that she is Kasumi, after the real Kasumi died pushing her out of the way of traffic. The protagonist leaks information about the Phantom Thieves to the media, allowing Ohya to unearth information about her demotion. [5], The game's character design and setting distinguish it from previous entries in the series, replacing Persona 4's yellow-and-green palette with reds and blacks. After the Phantom Thieves enter further into Mementos,[c] Morgana learns that he was created by Igor to help guide Joker against Yaldabaoth. Misfits. Wanting to discover his origins and restore his true form, he joins the protagonist in his heists, teaches him and his allies the mechanics of the Metaverse, and the ropes of being a phantom thief. In fiction, the phantom thief is typically superb at stealing while maintaining a gentleman's manners and code of honour. Persona 5 (Manga) 3. What’s going to happen to our character, who starts off by getting caught? Each level has a different set of win conditions, which will be described below. All votes must clearly express a winner/tie to ensure proper tallying of votes. Ichinose then forced a command on her to betray the Phantom Thieves. Near the end of the game, Maruki reveals to Joker that Akechi was brought back to reality out of Joker's wish to save him, and his survival depends on the choices the player made throughout the game. SP stands for "Special Points", used for casting magic in game. When he completes his Confidant, Sojiro gives Joker a Recipe Note: a list of recipes written by Wakaba before she died. As a Confidant he represents the Fool Arcana,[19] allowing Joker to have multiple personas simultaneously. Haru Okumura (奥村 春, Okumura Haru), using the Phantom Thief codename "Noir", is the heiress of Okumura Foods (owner of the Big Bang Burger restaurant chain). Ann fights with whips and submachine guns. A gentleman thief, gentleman burglar, lady thief, or phantom thief (Japanese: 怪盗, Hepburn: kaitō) is a stock character in fiction. As a Confidant, Takemi represents the Death Arcana[19] and gives Joker discounted supplies from her pharmacy. [19] During the game, she interrogates Joker about the Phantom Thieves following his arrest. Don't get all cocky because I normally behave myself! New characters. Haru becomes a vital member of the Thieves, growing close to Joker as they bond over adorable coffee trips. His treasure is a golden ship's wheel in his palace, manifesting as his legislator's pin. His treasure is a mysterious orb in his palace, and manifests as a spaceship model kit he had dreamed of as a child but could not afford due to his family's poverty. In her mid-20s, she will write whatever story sells – sometimes manipulating information in her articles for clickbait, even if she does not take the time to research the truth. Behind this exterior, she has an inferiority complex and often praises her sister Sae Niijima. Yusuke later gives the original Sayuri to Sojiro Sakura to hang in Cafe LeBlanc. Ann, with Joker's assistance, dedicates herself to her modeling career and helping others as a Phantom Thief. The Phantom Thieves must leverage the power of their Personas and break into the Palaces to get ahold of Treasures which symbolize the corrupt thoughts of their targets. Initial Persona: Goemon The real Igor, who has been held captive,[48] is freed and helps Joker defeat Yaldabaoth. He is a police officer from the Public Security Bureau and he struck a deal with the Phantom Thieves so as to find out the mastermind behind the brainwashing events around Japan. Chihaya Mifune (御船 千早, Mifune Chihaya)[56] is a fortune-teller with a stand in Shinjuku. Players are sure to relish the excitement of living a double life. The Thieves steal the parents' hearts, and Futaba expresses her gratitude to readjusting back to social life. Ultimate, Caroline & Justine appear as a spirit. Hashino describes Morgana as similar to Persona 4's Teddie and a mentor of the Phantom Thieves. In battle, she fights with rapiers, lever shotguns and rifles. After Joker changes the Assembly leader's heart so that he will release Chihaya from her contract, he convinces her that the future can be changed, and her destiny is molded by her actions. Another yakuza, Masa, tries to take advantage of Tsuda's abandoning the deal; he threatens to kill Kaoru and reveals the truth regarding his parents. Hashino describes Ryuji as "defiant", but a "nice guy". In the real world, she assists the Phantom Thieves as a virtual assistant such as navigation in their tour. Luck - The odds of inflicting a critical hit and the odds of a status move succeeding. In Super Smash Bros. In battle, Sophia fights with a Yo-yos and blasters. The Thieves must escape to the Safe Room, which will be one mile away. When Kamoshida is confronted by them and Mishima, he threatens to have the three of them expelled at the next school-board meeting. DeMasque didn't commit the theft in question - that was Atmey, who was responsible for putting him up to most of his previous heists and was using this one as an alibi. When Joker fails to stop the Holy Grail, Igor declares his rehabilitation a failure and reveals himself as Yaldabaoth in disguise. Queen is a senior at the Shujin Academy and president of the student council. Each Confidant represents a tarot Arcana (suit), based on their disposition and problems. There is no single set model of the Phantom Thief, but they usually have some of the following characteristics. She also proves essential when she helps steal important research data from her sister, prosecutor Sae Nijima, in the Thieves' search for more members of The Conspiracy. I really didn't think this was gonna be this popular... - ShindanMaker (en) Its code name is Mona. Shinya idolizes the Phantom Thieves, and Joker asks him for his help in defeating a cheating gamer in Mementos.

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