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[calling up to the Robinsons]  Official Sites [4], Die deutsche Synchronbearbeitung entstand 1961 in Berlin. Never really needed to. Swiss Family Robinson (1960) G | 126 min | Adventure, Family. Directed by Ken Annakin and shot in Tobago and Pinewood Studios outside London, it was the first widescreen Walt Disney Pictures film shot with Panavision lenses; when shooting in widescreen, Disney had almost always used a matted wide screen or filmed in CinemaScope.[2]. In 1960, the treehouse was listed for sale for $9,000, a fraction of its original cost, and later became a popular attraction among locals and tourists, before the structure was finally destroyed by Hurricane Flora in September 1963. "[12], The film premiered in New York City on December 10, 1960 and was released for the general U.S. audience on December 21, 1960. Father, eldest son Fritz, and middle son Ernst salvage supplies and livestock from the shipwreck. Father Roberta The pirates locate the ship, but Father scares them off by putting up a quarantine flag, signaling disease aboard. Der Natur erwehren sie sich mit Ideen, der Piraten mit List. Give us boy, no more fight. Bill Anderson stressed that they should examine the Caribbean. : [3] Anderson talked with director Ken Annakin during filming of another live-action Disney picture, Third Man on the Mountain, near Zermatt (Switzerland). 126 min Die Robinsons müssen sich mit den Gefahren der Natur und mit menschlichen Angriffen durch Piraten auseinandersetzen. In die deutschen Kinos kam er am 29. The captain of the ship had deliberately sailed into the storm to escape from a pirate ship, but it became severe enough that everyone abandoned ship and left the Robinsons with no lifeboats for themselves. : The Swiss Family Treehouse is the home of Father Robinson, Mother Robinson, Fritz, Ernst, Francis, Duke and Turk, and most recently Roberta in Swiss Family Robinson.. The female fashions are Victorian, not Napoleonic. The building is located on a new island the Robinson family dub "New Switzerland". : Roberta As the family is about to be overwhelmed, a ship captained by Roberta's grandfather appears and destroys the pirates and their ship with cannon fire. Get plenty money. [4] After watching that movie, Walt Disney and Bill Anderson decided to produce their own version of the story. If a scorpion doesn't bite me during the night I get into the car, and if it doesn't skid off the edge of a cliff, I reach the mangrove swamp. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 1. Release Dates As a matter of fact, not many people know of the film Swiss Family Robinson much less that it was filmed here in Tobago. The building is located on a new island the Robinson family dub "New Switzerland". [3] RKO Pictures had previously made an adaptation in 1940, directed by Edward Ludwig. Fritz Dezember 1960 in den USA. Technical Specs. [5], There were several meetings to decide filming locations. Kuala is the pirates' captain and main antagonist in Disney's Swiss Family Robinson. We're ready for you, and you can put away your white flag. It surrounded by areas where the farm animals and exotic animals are put in. Maybe it would be better to agree. And now when they really have their chance, they find out everything they want is right here. : At the opening of the story, the titular family (a couple and three boys) are trying desperately to save the cargo ship they are on during a huge storm. Dschungel der 1000 Gefahren (Swiss Family Robinson) ist ein US-amerikanischer Disneyfilm von Regisseur Ken Annakin aus dem Jahr 1960 nach dem Roman Der Schweizerische Robinson von Johann David Wyss. The song "O Christmas Tree" was first published in 1824, nearly a decade after the Battle of Waterloo. Old Swiss custom - carry the bride across the threshold. Fritz and Roberta, having fallen in love, also decide to stay on the island. Kuala - Pirate Chief [6] During his stay in Switzerland, Annakin read the book and he wondered why Disney wanted to make a story so outdated. Once they feel safe, Mr. Robinson builds a small sailing boat and the two older sons Fritz and Ernst sail around the shore of the island exploring. There was talk of making the film in a studio in Burbank, California or filming on location in a natural environment. Roberta When they saw the island for the first time, they "fell instantly in love",[6] and they sent a telegram to Anderson, who traveled to Tobago and found it fitted to their needs. [21] In June 2005 it was reported that Jonathan Mostow would direct the remake, and David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman would produce. | | For the park attraction at Disneyland, see Swiss Family Treehouse. To provide safety and comfort, Father, Fritz, and Ernst construct an elaborate tree house complete with a water wheel. Upon its release, Swiss Family Robinson was a major success with both critics and audiences and remains one of Disney's most beloved live-action feature films.

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