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This is where Robot Overlords really shines – it could have been all about the action, watching the humans spend 90 minutes blowing up robots and killing their way back to the top of the food chain.

He’s unable to leave the house, remember? I mean, it is not today's kids movie, it does not seek to be mild or comedic or innocent, and it does not aim consciously at a specific target audience - it is just out there for whoever feels like watching it and it does not categorize or underestimate its audience. But there’s a lot more hiding beneath the surface just waiting to be teased out. Don't leave your home. It's the type of film that is centered around kids and teen characters, and still is not dumbed down as a kids-only film - something that you almost never get these days, with all the major studios "playing it safe". He's a big movie nerd from Cardiff who loves all things Star Wars. A terribly fragmented storyline. This film is never going to be The Transformers movies but touches like the use of a Spitfire suggests this one may hold symbolic value for our newly confident film industry. "The war lasted just eleven days." The robot overlords might be preferable to this. Something fun, campy and silly, probably, as ultra-stern robots try their darned best to lord it over a bunch of utterly disobedient humans. During a recent interview, director Jon Wright said that the film was made “for the ten-year old me”… and that’s apparent in the visual simplicity of the film.

There's nothing novel about it in the end, but this is a film that intentionally gives you the pleasure to turn off your brain. And then to think that some 6 year old could thwart the super advanced alien race that has already taken over this world and others? The Essential DanMachi Moments. This is one of the biggest piles of awfulness I had ever seen.

Survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by robot sentries if they venture outside. Some of Robot Overlords’ drawbacks are the kinds of things noticed by grumpy old film critics rather than kids. There’s something refreshing about seeing giant robots towering over a seaside town rather than an American city, and the CGI’s effective for the most part – especially considering the film’s humble resources. Let’s put it this way – Michael Bay could learn a lot from this film. Why it would not have surprised me at all to have scene the good Doctor Quatermass show up at some point to explain what was happening. Not even worth downloading. And it really pays off. Again, very solid movie who's only flaw is a lack of originality but that may be by intent as the entire film seems to almost be a homage to British filmed science fiction. Although far from perfect, Robot Overlords has some arresting moments – the Mediator’s an effectively creepy villain – and the odd bit of swearing aside, it’s a fun entry in an increasingly neglected genre: the family-friendly sci-fi movie. Ditto Gillian Anderson, who has not too much more to do other than play the concerned mother, and Kingsley, who gets one or two amusing speeches but whose abilities aren’t exactly stretched to breaking point. It's it's clearly done on a budget, it does not look like a 200-million-dollar picture, but I am so tired of shallow "all style and no substance" hyped up blockbusters that I even enjoy this indie feel of the film. Searching for his father after the rise of the robots, it seems like he’s getting nowhere. The estimated budget was $21 million. If you have watched any British or Australian sci-fi TV series for younger audience, things like "Aquilla", "Escape from Jupiter", "Return to Jupiter", The acting is good, I really enjoyed all the characters, and by the way, is Gillian Anderson actually getting younger and hotter with time?! Metacritic Reviews. Robot Overlords gives us a stark vision of the future… in a way only ‘80s sci-fi can deliver. Plot. The only one percent redeeming factor in this was Ben Kingsley, who got killed off in the end (for no good reason I will add). Doing away with the massive spectacle set pieces and never-ending explosions, Jon Wright instead shifts the focus to the human side of the story. had every tried tinkering with the robot control chips before? Where some of the designs elsewhere look a little too familiar – the cuboid alien ships are decidedly Borg-like – the staring, diminutive Mediator really sticks in the memory. Atrocious acting. For some reason this movie reminded me of a Famous Five story - possible because when I started watching it I didn't know it was aimed at a pre-teen to teen audience, however that soon became clear... Robots have invaded earth 3 years ago. Horrible plot. Maybe he is just after the dollar regardless of the script. ROBOT OVERLORDS is an odd little B-movie from the UK that feels a bit like an Asylum version of a TRANSFORMERS movie. An easy 90 minutes for all the family with Roy Hudd, Gillian Anderson and Sir Ben Kingsley, safe and sound for the holidays and ready for a quick DVD release. That said, there are also a surprising number of famous faces in support, including a hamming-it-up Ben Kingsley, an out-of-place and uncomfortable Gillian Anderson, as well as Roy Hudd, Tamer Hassan, Geraldine James, and Callan McAuliffe, who these days appears in THE WALKING DEAD. There have been many great injustices in the span of human history - the holocaust, the Irish potato famine, the Spanish conquistador's devastation of the Americas, the Highland Clearances, the Armenian genocide... but none rank so highly as the one and two star reviews of this excellent film.

", One would expect a reasonably decent movie that starred Ben Kingsley. This is where Robot Overlords really shines – it could have been all about the action, watching the humans spend 90 minutes blowing up robots and killing their way back to the top of the food chain. That is, apart from the collaborators (or Volunteer Corps) who seemingly keep the world running for their Robot Overlords. Introducing Sean Flynn (played by Callan McAuliffe). Robot Overlords is out in UK cinemas now. Robot Overlords is overloaded with awesome! At least the "robot" s realistic. The plot makes less sense than something a two year old would write and you can hardly watch more than a second before you want to shot whoever made this. They’re almost like Transformers crossed with ED-209… but in a film that could easily be dominated by its special effects, Robot Overlords strikes a neat balance with a far more interesting plot. "Robot Overlords" has it all right where it counts! Every human being in the world has been implanted with a device on the side of their head to track their whereabouts.

Don't get me wrong - there's plenty of special effects (it's not all in the trailer, like with so many B-movies these days), and the effects are pretty decent and perfectly satisfactory. Again, it’s presented in a very visual way which allows the audience to see exactly what’s going on without explaining it in a vast and clunky monologue. Danny’s son Sean (Callan McAuliffe) is convinced that his father’s still alive, and with Connor, friend Nate (James Tarpey) and his sister Alex (Ella Hunt) in tow, attempts to find a way to venture outside the prison of their home and find out where he’s gone. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware not everything made is going to be something I will enjoy but this kind of watered down rubbish is completely devoid of any value on any level what's so ever. I will tell you about the atmosphere! Avoid this with YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

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