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Courthouse, Teri Adams shows her support for Rodney at the Annual March to Stop Executions in Austin, Texas, Rodney’s mother, Sandra Reed, and his brother, Rodrick Reed, demonstrate outside the Bastrop Co. Courthouse to ask DA Bryan Goertz for justice. Photo by Carlo Nasisse for the Daily Texan, University of Texas students held a candlelight vigil for Rodney Reed, camping out all night to bring attention to his case. Photo by Ruth Figueroa, Members of the Reed family traveled from Bastrop to Austin for the “Rally For Justice For Rodney Reed” on Feb. 21, 2015 Photo by Randi Jones Hensley, Exonerated death row prisoner Shujaa Graham, member of Witness to Innocence, speaks about his time spent wrongly incarcerated on California’s death row. I believe the latter is the case.”, Jordan Smith[email protected]​ January 2015. Reed, now 51, has been on Texas’s death row since 1998, when he was sentenced to die for the murder of a 19-year-old woman named Stacey Stites in Bastrop, Texas, a small town about 30 miles east of Austin. Over the years, the court has largely done what it can to erect barriers in front of those with solid evidence of innocence, including in Reed’s case. Evidence that has steadily emerged since Reed’s conviction casts a much darker picture of the relationship between Stites and Fennell. Texanische und föderale Gerichte lehnten Anträge von Rodney Reed auf forensische Untersuchungen der Tatumstände wiederholt ab. “Should a convicted person be declared ‘actually innocent’ merely because the state’s case has completely fallen apart?” she wrote. “He told me he could not understand why investigators were not more interested in speaking to him since Jimmy and Stacey were directly above his apartment.”. Stella, James, and baby Joshua send solidarity from Brisbane, Australia! Photo: Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP. The details of the inconsistencies that have long plagued the case against Reed have been reported at length by The Intercept. But evidence that has steadily emerged since Reed’s conviction casts a far different, much darker picture of the relationship between Stites and Fennell, adding credence to Reed’s assertion of a consensual affair. Photo by Mike Corwin. Trotzdem wartet ein weiterer Antrag von Reed vor einem föderalen Gericht, der viele neue Beweise enthält. ( Log Out /  Allerdings soll auf dem Pariser Platz an diesem Tag ein Staatsbesuch stattfinden, weshalb die Anmeldung der Kundgebung dort von der Berliner Polizei inzwischen abgelehnt wurde. A group of supporters gather at lunchtime to tell Bastrop DA Bryan Goertz to Drop the Date! Photo by Andy Sharp for the Austin American Statesman. Zu seinen Unterstützern zählt auch die Familie von Stacey Stites. Greg Abbott and the State of Texas stop the execution and grant the DNA testing and day in court that Rodney deserves! Aus Angst vor einer möglichen Neuverhandlung hat der Bundesstaat Texas nun jedoch erneut eine Hinrichtung angesetzt: am 20. Nach einigen Tagen ist jetzt klar, dass die Kundgebung zur angekündigten Termin stattfinden wird, allerdings hinter der US Botschaft: Behrensstrasse Ecke Ebertstrasse auf dem Gehweg (mit dem Stelenfeld im Um Staatsraison und Angst unter den Armen und Nichtweißen aufrecht zu erhalten, werden deshalb alle paar Wochen u.a. Rally for Rodney Reed this weekend,, The Economist on Rodney Reed: Evidence ‘may cast doubt on the validity of Mr Reed’s conviction’, We Demand Justice: Supporters of the Reed Family. Former presidents normally don’t go to jail, but few have committed so many obvious crimes unrelated to their duties in office. –Deke Pierce, law enforcement officer with 28 years of experience–Robert L. Muhammad, leader of Austin Nation of Islam–Kevin Gannon, Retired NYPD detective from A&E’S Dead Again-Sandra Reed, Rodney’s mother–Rodrick Reed, Rodney’s brother-and other special guests! Rodrick Reed out the Governor’s Mansion. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Photo by Elizabeth Brassa, Supporter Judy Morgan at the #blacklivesmatter march in Austin, Jan. 2015 Photo by Elizabeth Brossa, Supporters in Austin gather to wish Rodney a happy birthday in 2013, Rodrick, Rodney’s brother, speaks to the press after learning that DNA testing was denied. Ben Wolff, left, an attorney for Texas Defender Service, and Ana Hernandez, vice president for UT’s Amnesty International chapter, discuss the Rodney Reed case in a panel Monday night. Der Polizist Fennell saß wegen Vergewaltigung im Amt in einem anderen Fall bis 2018 in Haft. In granting the stay of execution, the court is questioning whether the state violated Reed’s rights by withholding information from his defense lawyers. On November 15, the state’s highest criminal court concluded that questions about whether prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence and sponsored false testimony at Reed’s trial, along with the question of Reed’s innocence, should be kicked back to the trial court for further vetting. Update 16.11.2019: Nachdem sich rund drei Millionen Menschen in einer Petition für Rodney Reed eingesetzt haben wurde jetzt die geplante Hinrichtung gestoppt, für zunächst 120 Tage. No other evidence tied Reed to the crime. Save Rodney”, Uwana Akpan, front left, Toniya Anderson, center, and Roderick Reed, front right, were among a group gathered at the Bastrop County Courthouse on Friday, February 13, 2015 to protest the upcoming March 5 execution of Rodney Reed. 10117 Berlin-Mitte, U+S-Brandenburger Tor. Hintergrund – Die Todesstrafe: rassistisches und klassistisches Courthouse, Sandrine Skinner, wife of Texas death row prisoner Hank Skinner, speaks about Texas justice at the Bastrop Co. Photo by Karen Dominguez, Supporters from Houston pose in their hand made solidarity t shirts at the “Rally For Justice for Rodney Reed” on Feb. 21, 2015. ( Log Out /  They said Sappington told them that the police said they weren’t interested. Ordnungsinstrument. Vor Gericht habe Rodney Reed eigentlich nie eine Chance gehabt, ist sich Michael Schiffmann sicher. Kein Staat hat das Recht Menschen zu töten, weder durch Militär, Polizei oder die Todesstrafe! Spätere DNA-Untersuchungen haben ergeben, dass die zunächst belastenden Spermafunde von Rodney Reed von einem gemeinschaftlichen Liebesakt stammen, der viele Stunden vor ihrer Vergewaltigung und Ermordung stattfand. From the “Rally For Justice for Rodney Reed” on Feb. 21, 2015. Outside the Court of Criminal Appeals, University of Texas students stand inside a 6′ x 10′ area representing the size of cells on Texas death row, Outside the Court of Criminal Appeals, supporters kneel inside a 6′ x 10′ area representing the size of cells on Texas death row, Outside the Court of Criminal Appeals, a supporter kneels inside a 6′ x 10′ area representing the size of cells on Texas death row, Rodrick Reed, Rodney’s brother, speaks to a group of University of Texas students gathered outside the UT tower.

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