rules of baseball

Une rencontre de baseball se joue avec deux équipes qui alternent en défense et en attaque. Although baseball is considered a non-contact sport, a runner may be allowed to make potentially dangerous contact with a fielder as part of an attempt to reach base, unless that fielder is fielding a batted ball. This gives the pitcher more freedom to try enticing the batter to swing at a pitch outside the strike zone or throwing a pitch that is harder to control (e.g. A diamond shaped area with four bases spaced at 90 feet apart separates the infield from the outfield. The number of balls and strikes thrown to the current batter is known as the count; the count is always given balls first (except in Japan, where it is reversed), then strikes (such as 3–2 or "three and two", also known as a "full count", which would be 3 balls and 2 strikes). Cela est valable pour les balles tombant dans le champ de jeu mais aussi pour les balles qui tombent dans le territoire des fausses balles. In 1893, the pitching position was changed from behind a line 50 feet from home plate to contact with a rubber slab 60.5 feet away. Un lanceur reste rarement en jeu sur l'ensemble d'un match. A runner initially called out can be subsequently ruled safe if the fielder putting the runner out drops the ball (on either a tag or force play), pulls his foot off the base (in the case of a force play), or otherwise illegally obstructs a runner from reaching a base that he otherwise would have reached safely.

En plus du lanceur qui occupe le centre du diamant, quatre joueurs couvrent le champ intérieur : les joueurs de première, deuxième et troisième base et l'arrêt-court qui se positionne entre la deuxième et la troisième base. SITEMAP. See Substitutions below.). Walter Johnson, who threw one of the fastest fastballs in the history of the game, threw sidearm (though not submarine) rather than a normal overhand.

A major strategy in batting at competitive levels of baseball is patient hitting. If the batter manages to hit the ball from the pitcher, they must make an effort to at least get to first base. Note however, that two players can switch defensive positions at any time, and both can still stay in the game—because neither has actually been removed from the game. This is not considered a substitution, but rather a position, albeit a purely offensive one.

After 9 innings the runs are counted off the teams.

Certaines balles frappées et considérées bonnes ont des noms spécifiques comme le coup de circuit (home run) : balle qui sort du terrain permettant au batteur de marquer un point.

Three strikes and you’re not out? Baseball rules and regulations for the player positions of the fielding team are: A pitcher.

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