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In the theater, the director of the troupe, Shigemori, convinces Sadako to spend the night with him, promising to further her career. After the cremation of her remains, Samara's spirit now resides in Julia. This girl had the same power as Sadako in his story—nensha. In the films her method of killing with the video curse is not explained, but when someone is killed by it she is seen climbing out of a nearby surface, often a television screen, and approaching them. From Oiwa, Sadako takes the single, misshapen eye. These ghostly happenings drove Aoyama insane. Those who attended called them both fakes. Sadako Yamamura appears in Kōji Shiraishi's 2016 crossover film, Sadako vs. Kayako, with the Ju-on antagonist Kayako Saeki. While visiting her father, Sadako is raped by a young doctor, Nagao Jotaro, who is infected with the smallpox virus, on the hospital grounds. Anna then commits suicide by jumping off a cliff.

She spent all of her time alone and didn’t make any friends.

Her psychic powers also allow her to manipulate DNA and viruses, creating her mutated smallpox virus in the novels. In horror masterpiece internationally know as “the Ring”, the 19-year-old psychic Sadako Yamamura was brutally murder and thrown into a well in order to stop her powers from spiraling out of control. This resulted in a series of inexplicable images being projected onto a mysterious unmarked videotape, in which she appears as a shadowy young woman dressed in a white gown, her face covered by long black hair. Rachel destroys the original video cassette in a fit of rage, but uses a copied version of the video to continue the curse in order to save Aidan. The Ring is a series of novels by Japanese writer Koji Suzuki that details a mysterious curse caused by a woman named Sadako Yamamura. The year before, Shizuko gained psychic powers after retrieving an ancient statuette of En no Ozuno from the ocean. He then strangled the girl and threw her into a well. Her character has been adapted into American and Korean counterparts for their respective localizations of Hideo Nakata's 1998 film, The Ring and The Ring Virus. However, Shizuko bows out of the demonstration due to migraines brought on by her powers. She is also shown to be much stronger and violent this time, forcing people who try to hinder her curse or escape to kill themselves in brutal ways. The Yurei, “faint soul” or “dim spirit”, are female spirits that have white faces, long black hair and flowing kimonos. Foreseeing herself being reborn years later, Sadako vows revenge on the world before she dies. Ikuma was intrigued by her abilities, and the two become involved in an illicit affair which resulted in the conception and birth of Sadako. After the cremation of her remains, Samara's spirit now resides in Julia.

He also explains how he drugged the second Sadako to keep her from reaching maturity. A fight ensues between the director and Toyama in which Shigemori is accidentally killed.Toyama hides the body as the rest of the troupe carries on with the opening night.

She appears to be about the same age as Sadako, though her age is never confirmed; she is only said to have disappeared after high school. How she killed Tomoko's friends who weren't near a television at the time remains unknown.

As seen in a flashback sequence in Ring 0, the malformed, drooping eye that Sadako sports as a ghost is unique to her evil side.

Sadako, who watched from backstage, snapped and killed Miyaji, to stand up for her mother.[1]. This may be an indication of her inability to reproduce in the novels due to Testicular Feminization Syndrome and her obsession with procreating in the later novels.

Burke tries to kill Julia, but Samara rises out of Julia's iPhone, restores Burke's sight, and kills him. Samara has been looking for a compassionate host in order to be reborn, which she finds in the high school graduate, Julia (Matilda Lutz). As a vengeful ghost, Sadako created a cursed videotape that will kill anyone who watches it 7 days later. (In ancient Japan, women's hair was kept up until death.) She survived for seven days in the well. Her past alters in the film series. Foreign adaptations renamed the character, with Bae Doona portraying Park Eun-suh in the South Korean film The Ring Virus, and Daveigh Chase portraying Samara Morgan in the American films The Ring and The Ring Two; Bonnie Morgan would later take over the role in Rings.

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