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This daze lasts for 5 rounds. DEX. 38 AB, for attacks per round of +38/+35/+32/+29/+26/+40 / +38/+33. However, note that the dual-classing requirements for a Shadowdancer are significantly steeper than for an ordinary Thief (or other Thief kit) - you need 15 in STR and DEX and CHA, not just in DEX like other Thieves. You're not going to get very far on this website without JavaScript enabled. Charisma: 8 Alignment: any lawful In this pic I wished to capture the moment of her turning to shadow. Thank you very much for understanding. Specifics: Once per day, the shadowdancer can summon in a shadow. Rogues, bards, and monks make excellent shadowdancers. I reckon Shadowdancer is a viable starting-class for any of the possible dual-class combinations (i.e. Statistics. 14. At 8th level it becomes 15% concealment, 10/alchemical silver damage reduction and +3 dodge AC. 304. Hitpoints. Prerequisite: Monk level 9, rogue level 10 or shadowdancer level 10. If the character is permitted items with a +5 bonus in each of the four applicable categories (armor, deflection, dodge, and natural) as well as +12 bonuses to both dexterity and wisdom, the AC total becomes 69. Prerequisite: Rogue level 10 or shadowdancer level 7 or Cleric Domain: Chaos. If succesful, they take only half damage from the blow. Yet the time of happiness was quickly replaced with anguish and despair as she becomes involved in the series of dark and somber events as a great plague starts in Neverwinter. This improves to 10% concealment, 5/alchemical silver damage reduction, and +2 dodge AC bonus at level 6. Skills They are … Neverwinter Nights 2 and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast Inc. Yet I beg of you not to alter or use them as a clipart material for your own art works. Specifics: The shadowdancer is able to use the Hide skill even while being observed. Specifics: Three times per day the shadowdancer can call upon the shadows in the area to help conceal her. This improves to 10% concealment, 5/alchemical silver damage reduction, and +2 dodge AC bonus at level 6. Design by

This player character build (monk 20/ shadowdancer 1/ assassin 19) is a forward scout and opportunistic fighter. 3 in the regular campaign, and I have a 12 Rogue/2 Fighter. The face was modeled in Poser5. I'm currently at the end of ch. At 10th level, Shadow Evade grants 20% concealment, 10/adamantine damage reduction and a +4 dodge AC bonus.

Prerequisite: Rogue level 10 or shadowdancer level 5. Berra's Estate of Horrors, "Halloween 2008 Event", Stand Alone Release - v.1.0 (Created 30th of October 2008), Lone Wolf Chapter 3 - The Circle of Three, Open - Free & open only if project also open, Lords of Darkness 4 - For Crown and Country (V1.2), AL2: Crimson Tides of Tethyr (Canceled Premium Module), Prophet - Chapter I - By the Will of Kings and Mortals, Desert of Desolation Series: I3 - Pharaoh, The Aielund Saga Act III - Return of the Ironlord, Prophet - Chapter II - The Century of Sorrow, The Crystalmist Campaign Chapter 1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God, ZORK – Rediscovering the Great Underground Empire (NWN2). A Shadowdancer might land a triple damage backstab every 1 round; a normal thief might land a quadruple damage backstab every 2 rounds. If the character is permitted kamas with +5 enhancement bonuses and gear that provides a +12 bonus to dexterity (increasing the dexterity modifier by 6), the attacks per round become +49/+46/+43/+40/+37/+51 / +49/+44. I have but one humble request to all who might like my portraits. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 14. NWN 1 - Arcane Sniper v2 (Bard/Shadowdancer/Arcane Archer) A high AB Arcane Archer with HIPS and some Bard goodies. A group created for players of Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 to aid in creating/organising games and discussing the game. - Base Attack Bonus: +3 / 4 Levels.- Hit Die: d8.- Primary Saving Throw: Reflex.- … User Info: CapnKellin. Saving Throw Bonuses. Specifics: Whenever a Reflex save is allowed for half damage, characters with this feat instead take no damage if they succeed at the save. WIS. 8. (PRESTIGE CLASS)Shadowdancers operate in the border between light and darkness. If the character is additionally permitted to reach the +20 attack bonus cap and acquires haste, the attacks per round become +64/+61/+58/+55/+52/+66/+61 / +64/+59. They are mysterious and unknown, never completely trusted but always inducing wonder when met. Prerequisite: Barbarian level 2, cleric with the Air domain, rogue level 4, assassin level 2, dwarven defender level 2, sacred fist level 6, shadowdancer level 2, or shadow thief of Amn level 2.
CapnKellin 12 years ago #1. At 8th level it becomes 15% concealment, 10/alchemical silver damage reduction and +3 dodge AC. Website © 2012 Michael Hawkins.

Assassin epic bonus feats by character level (assassin level in parentheses). Use: Automatic, but limited to one use per day. Specifics: Once per day the shadowdancer may inflict an illusory daze upon a target. Specifics: Characters failing their Will save versus mind-affecting spells get an automatic reroll. Attributes. Fighter or Cleric or Mage), but especially Mage. The shadow summoned by the summon shadow (shadowdancer) feat differs from the standard creature in that it has damage reduction 30/+1, turn resistance +10, and an extra rank in hide (bringing the skill level up to 10). There are no skill points left at level 40. My new HotU character Night Vendiviel. Developed by Mick Hawkins. She knew nothing but the intriguing life of a performer and wanted nothing else. Mon, 2017-01-23 08:23 #1. And the katana is my own 3D Max creation.

If the character is instead permitted a +20 bonus in each category and the ability bonuses, the AC total becomes 129. The effects last for 3 rounds, regardless of level. CHA. Constitution: 12 4. Home › Forums › Neverwinter Nights 1 › Player's Corner for NWN1. Strength: 12 2. She’s a Bard/Rogue/Shadowdancer. Specifics: Three times per day the shadowdancer can call upon the shadows in the area to help conceal her. INT. She gains a 5% concealment bonus, damage reduction of 5/magic and a +1 dodge AC. She gains a 5% concealment bonus, damage reduction of 5/magic and a +1 dodge AC. Ranks are listed first, with the score modified by the relevant ability in parentheses. Description: Operating in the border between light and darkness, shadowdancers are nimble artists of deception. The other skills most important for this build are the following. This build receives 174 skill points over its 40 levels. These nimble artists of deception are never completely trusted but always induce wonder when met.

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