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A Countess from Hong Kong is a 1967 British romantic comedy film written, scored, and directed by Charlie Chaplin and starring Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, Sydney Chaplin (Chaplin's third son), Tippi Hedren, Patrick Cargill and Margaret Rutherford. She comments, "You have a jawline for days" (which she had previously said about Donovan) before the episode ends, revealing that she has found herself a new lover in Donovan's image. As Will runs to his son, James March appears beside Elizabeth, smiling as he tells her "I told you not to kill him in the hotel"; annoyed, Elizabeth responds with a sharp "Bite me", blowing her cigarette smoke in his face and shutting the doors of her suite on him, which James seems to find amusing. The Countess Unsettling events that could spell financial ruin for the Ponderosa mysteriously coincide with the arrival of a wealthy countess who seems determined to win the love of Ben Cartwright, the man she spurned twenty years before in New Orleans.

She and James March have an agreement to share John, allowing James to let John be a buffer for the remaining Commandment Killings in exchange for James' protection from the Addiction Demon.

Gender Elizabeth sips her wine as tears gently cascade down her cheekbones, knowing she is doomed to an eternity with a man she doesn't love. He has construction workers knock down a concrete wall which held The Countess's past lovers, Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova, unleashing them. If she strays too far from her room, she does not trigger the event that unlocks the chest, so it's detrimental to lure her out. The Countess appears behind Alex, stating that she knows Alex has many questions; questions the vampire has answers to. He has information of her sordid past and ties to organized crime which she doesn't want revealed. Back at the hotel, Ramona visits Elizabeth in her penthouse intending to kill her, but has a change of heart when Elizabeth apologizes and asks Ramona to just let her leave, confiding in her that everyone she loved in the hotel has faded, and that there is no longer a reason for her to stay. Sally McKenna (portrayed by Sarah Paulson), also known as Hypodermic Sally, is a drug addict who killed Iris's son Donovan with a contaminated heroin needle.

Ben isn't interested, so Linda schemes to ruin him financially so he'll have no choice but to turn to her for love and money. Iris warns him of his impending downfall, to which Ramona testifies.

She goes to the motel that he has been seen and they kiss at the door of his room. Born in 1904, Elizabeth Johnson is a 112-year-old creature as glamorous as she is deadly, who sustains herself with a healthy diet of sex and blood. Female

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