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Gender Jimmy Neutron Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He is a member of the villain group in "The League of Villains," leading to his romantic relationship with Beautiful Gorgeous after being sprayed with Jimmy's love potion in the episode "The League of Villains (episode)". The episode's name comes from "The Iceman Cometh",a play by Eugene O'Neill. 2:00:38. Then he tells Roxy to get them, but she turns on him, allowing Brobot's parents to tie him up. 4:25. Pongalo NovelaClub. Carl and Sheen also try to convince Jimmy to let them stay in the rocket, but he refuses. More The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Wiki. The Junkman is repeatedly distracted or taken by surprise by events happening behind him despite clearly being depicted with eyes on the back of his head in his first scene in the episode. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He owns a pet French Poodle named Roxy, who is in love with Goddard. TV Series But it turns out that it's only Brobot wearing a mask. He is very greedy and would do anything for money, even selling his own mother and even killing people. He has not much facial hair, only having three hairs on his chin. Main Characters: Jimmy Neutron | Carl Wheezer | Sheen Estevez | Cindy Vortex | Libby Folfax | Goddard | Hugh Neutron | Judy Neutron |, Recurring Characters: Nick Dean | Ms. Fowl | Sam Melvick | Ms. Fowl | Principal Willoughby | Brittany Tenelli | Butch Pakovski | Betty Quinlan | Bolbi Stroganovsky | Brobot (character) |, Main Villains: King Goobot V | Ooblar | Professor Calamitous | Eustace Strych | Beautiful Gorgeous | Meldar Prime | Zix, Travoltron and Tee |, Secondary Villains: The Nanobots | Evil Jimmy | The Junkman | Baby Eddie | Grandma Taters | Sydney Moist |, Minor and One-Shot Characters: Ultra Lord | April the Gorlock | Captain Betty | Commander Baker | Corky Shimatzu | General Abercrombie | Flippy | Jet Fusion | Amanda Neutron | Kari Neutron | Anabelle Neutron | Gomer Neutron | Granny Neutron | Newt Neutron | VOX | Ebenezer Wheezer | Martha Wheezer |, Evil, power, money, selling things, other villains, Beautiful Gorgeous (after getting sprayed with love potion). Browse more videos. Jimmy Neutron Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Junkman is an obese extraterrestrial life form with four skinny arms, and olive green colored abnormal skin. The Junkman has a spaceship that looks like a trash truck. While Jimmy tries to get the ship under control, Brobot insists that he can help, and he's able to save them and defeat the Junkman. His eyelids appear to be swollen and overlap his eyes. They try to think of what to do, and they finally agree that Brobot should distract the Junkman, something he's quite adept at. The Junkman is still in the Late Cretaceous period with the other villains. He is very greedy and would do anything for money, including selling his own mother and even killing people. Genius aside, Jimmy is your typical kid: He takes his parents for granted (until he needs them), enjoys hanging out with his pals Carl and Sheen, and is in constant competition (or is it infatuation?)

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