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(Submitted by Callum Swift). 72.1 miles from Torrington, WY The second oldest commercial building in Cheyenne now houses an old-fashioned brewery, but was formerly a bordello and a saloon. Winner of CT Magazine's 2008 & 09 "Best of CT" award. It was used as a setting for the ... Bennett College, founded in 1890, was a women's college that closed in 1978. Dating back to 1790, Gunntown Cemetery is said to be haunted by spirits of a man with a lantern leading a horse, a little boy who plays near the back wall, and a black ghost dog. 23.3 miles from Torrington, CT The Hartford Elks lodge moved into this ornate building in 1903, and is believed to be haunted. Witnesses have heard the unexplained sound of breaking glass and seen a ghost cat with glowing eyes. All rights reserved. Is the Yankee Pedlar Inn haunted? Walk into local bar Snapper Magee’s and you’ll find an article from The Register Citizen framed and displayed on the wall with pride. Temporarily Closed. Have a haunt/halloween related news story or a tip? Ti West's 2011 horror film "The Innkeepers" is based on the story of this inn. The Yankee Pedlar was built in 1891 in downtown Torrington, Connecticut. This 1910 facility was originally built for children with tuberculosis, and like many sanatoriums, is rumored to be haunted. Guests and staff have reported strange apparitions and odors in Room 353, where Mrs. Conley is believed to have died. Fright Haven is CT's largest, scariest & greatest INDOOR haunted attraction "back from the dead" with 20,000 square feet of scares, chills and thrills. … The hospital, opened in 1931 to house criminally insane patients contains 16 buildings connected by underground tunnels. Birdsey’s Plain Cemetery or Beardsley Plain Cemetery) is haunted, according to witnesses who have seen apparitions and blobs of ectoplasm here. Ghosts are said to haunt the library day and night, whispering or knocking books down from the shelves. It is believed that Mrs. Conley, the long deceased wife of the building’s original owner, haunts the hotel’s halls. The Northwest Connecticut Paranormal Society, a local team of ghost hunters, investigated the bar following reports of unexplained shadows appearing in photographs and some customers experiencing strange “feelings.” They found unusually high levels of electro-magnetic energy both in the bar and on the second floor, which has no electricity. Hartford's Halloween Entertainment Guide™, Rails to the Darkside presented by CT Trolley Museum, The Pumpkin Patch At The Shore Line Trolley Museum. Page Transparency See More. Featured on TV's Ghost Hunters, the estate and museum of artifacts relating to novelist Edith Wharton is said to be home to the ghost of Wharton herself. Voices can be heard after sun set, and there have even been a few deaths within Holy Land. It has been furnished with memorabilia and antiques, and some say the ghost of Jonathan Pasco himself still calls the place home. Mrs. Abigail Pettibone is said to haunt the establishment. Built in 1761, the historic home is said to have been haunted since 1971, when renovations seem to have awakened its supernatural residents. It is believed to be haunted by the family's butler, George Griffin. The mystery that surrounds her involves the message, which some believe to contain a curse, on her pink granite tombstone: It operated until 1945 when it became a city hall, and in the 1960s the building was abandoned. (Submitted by Callum Swift). Now an abandoned ruin, the spot is said to be haunted by students who committed suicide and are forever roaming the dorms in spirit. Warm spots, a strong scent of roses, and names whispered into their ears have also ... Those looking for a book to read at the Clinton Community Library may just find a ghost story. Several people have videotaped and photographed her. Cedarcrest Hospital was demolished in 2013; the map shows where it was located. In addition, witnesses say they have heard rattling chains and the sound of ghostly children playing here. FrightFind's guide to the top haunted hotels in the US. Find some of the places that make the bravest scare seakers tremble in their boots. Witnesses say footsteps, screams, and apparitions of deceased patients can be seen and heard here, as well as the voices, crying and laughter of unseen children. This bar is to be featured on an upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel series, "American Haunting." He is said to have hanged himself from a tree nearby. HER DAILY WORK, IN HER FULL STRENGTH OF EHP Rating: 81.3. The mystery that surrounds her involves the message, which some believe to contain a curse, on her pink granite tombstone: The only world-class professional haunt between New York and Central CT, Fright Haven has been resurrected and is in its 4th season after laying dormant for nearly a decade. The site was featured on an episode of TV's Ghost Hunters. Built in 1884 as a schoolhouse, the pagan Church of the Eternal Light is rumored to be haunted by a ghostly face that appears in the bell tower windows. Visitors can book tours, and some have noticed an eerie feeling of being watched. The historic 1891 hotel is known for ghostly activity. The home of renowned abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," is rumored to be haunted. Dutch’s Spirits was an underground complex that hid a distillery run by the mob during Prohibition. Alice Conley, one of the original owners, is believed to haunt Room 353, the room in which she died. Room 295 – Many reports of items moving, noises in the night, and an uneasy feeling make this room quite spooky. The historic 1891 hotel is known for ghostly activity. Several people have videotaped and photographed her. Imagine the potential from seeing your ad here. » Find museums in West Torrington, CT, Haunted Places in West Torrington, Connecticut, Green Lady Cemetery - Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Blackberry River Inn - Moseley House-Farm. Today, the neighboring town of Torrington is abuzz with “paranormal activity,” with talk of ghosts and spirits seemingly everywhere. Built in 1825 by a hard working Yankee farmer that put his sweat into 104 acres of hard granite and shallow top soil to raise a family and pass it on to the bailey and fulton family s, the last son William died on christmas eve 1958, the farm went to his sister carrie lewis then to robert fulton her son in law, the house was sold 4 times from 1969 to 2015 and up for sale … Among the oddities witnessed here have been green glowing orbs, apparitions of soldiers, unexplained voices, and more. HAVING FALLEN ... Shubert Theater hosts touring musicals and popular music concerts and is said to have a ghost. MARY E. HART In summertime, park visitors have heard them laughing and splashing and seen the water move, although no one is visible. Voices can be heard after sun set, and there have even been a few deaths within Holy Land. The Whartons sold the house in 1911, after which it was used for the Foxhollow School for Girls and later as a theater. Sign up for our newsletter and receive Halloween event updates, discounts and more! The first is that of an aggressive spirit that haunts the attic, and may be one of the conspirators who attacked Reverend Marshall (a previous owner of the house) for his beliefs and sermons. Two ghosts have been reported in the historic Glebe House. When the tombstone of a little girl was recently found under the basement steps, it ... » Cemeteries near West Torrington, CT Room 295 has had strange reports too. The Mount, home of renowned writer Edith Wharton, was built in 1902 and is said to be haunted; in fact, ghost tours are offered here. At this 1737 historic inn, Room 4 is said to be haunted. Voices are also heard around the hotel. AT HIGH NOON Those who parked under the tree would hear his hook scraping along the car's roof. Not sure where to start? The hospital, opened in 1931 to house criminally insane patients contains 16 buildings connected by underground tunnels. The 1889 opera house has seen performances by the likes of actor Lionel Barrymore and escape artist Harry Houdini, comedian Red Skelton and march king John Philip Sousa. Witnesses also describe hearing voices, feeling someone touch them, and finding objects moved during the night. Nightmare On Wolcott Street is an indoor haunted attractions that offers 55 terrifying rooms, each one featuring horrifying scenes and creatures! Alice’s ghost has been seen in various parts of this haunted inn making sure guests have a pleasant stay. Also known as Hookman’s Cemetery, Great Hill Cemetery's ghostly legend involves an alleged former cemetery caretaker who had a hook for a hand. It was financed by gangster Dutch Schultz, and may be haunted by him, too. This restaurant was once a residence, built in 1776, of Revolutionary War soldier Captain Jonathan Pasco. Address: 93 Main St, Torrington, CT 06790, USA. (Submitted by Kaylee-Jo). Folks say the early 1900s mental hospital was haunted; witnesses have heard screams and doors slamming and seen orbs. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Is this the Ghostly Image of a Boy Who Died Centuries Ago ?? She may have stuck around for that reason. This 1780 building, which now houses Abigail's, was formerly the Pettibone Tavern for almost 200 years. © 2014-2020

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