trouble in beirut

Mr. Prokoshev, the captain, said Lebanese port officials took pity on the hungry crew and provided food. Beirut was declared a disaster area. McConnell: Senate to vote next week on GOP COVID-19 relief bill, U.S. sees over 69,000 new virus cases – most in a single day since July, Trump rallies in Wisconsin after state reports record-high COVID cases, New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern wins second term in landslide, Federal government to execute first woman since 1953, Suspect in teacher's beheading in France was Chechen teen, Michigan bans guns at polling places on Election Day, "Big pile" of eels dumped at lake in Brooklyn park, Shark Lab tags record number of sharks off Southern Calif. coast, Battleground Tracker: Latest polls, state of the race and more, 5 things to know about CBS News' 2020 Battleground Tracker, CBS News coverage of voting rights issues. Residents reported hearing planes overhead just before the explosion, fueling rumors of an attack, though Israeli military overflights are common. The blast also came amid deepening tensions between Israel and Hezbollah on Lebanon’s southern border. Outside one hospital, Omar Kinno sat on the pavement, holding back tears. Another daily, al-Akhbar, declared it “the WhatsApp revolution” that had shaken Prime Minister Hariri’s unity government. Six crew members returned home, but Lebanese officials forced the captain and three Ukrainian crew members to remain on board until the debt issue was solved. Another man said the carnage reminded him of decades ago. I haven’t seen anything like that since the days of the [civil] war,” said Marwan Ramadan, who was about 500 yards from the port and was knocked off his feet by the force of the explosion. Our bodies will heal eventually but the soul will take a lot of time.”. The violence, which started on Saturday and lasted in the early hours of Sunday, was some of the worst since the demonstrations began two months ago. Lebanese security forces have fired rubber bullets, tear gas and used water cannons to disperse anti-government protesters from the centre of Beirut. The explosion killed 191 people and injured 6,000 others and is considered to be one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever recorded. 74. Pavements were scattered with the glass of several smashed shop-fronts and billboards had been torn down. “We all have different types of scars now. The ship was leased by Igor Grechushkin, a Russian businessman living in Cyprus. He had “no idea” what caused the initial fire at the storage facility that preceded the second, far larger blast, he said. Video taken by residents showed a fire raging at the port, sending up a giant column of smoke, illuminated by flashes of what appeared to be fireworks. BEIRUT: More than 135 people were killed and thousands were injured on Tuesday when a massive explosion ripped through the port area of Beirut. The idea, however unlikely, that a survivor could be found a month later gave hope to people who followed the live images on television, wishing for a miracle. Seeking ways to boost revenues, a government minister on Thursday announced plans to raise a new fee of 20 cents a day for calls via voice over internet protocol (VoIP), used by applications including Facebook-owned WhatsApp. At least 137 people were killed in a flash, more than 5,000 and some 300,000 left homeless. As the emergency response gives way to dealing with complications caused by burns, concussion, internal bleeding and eyes and limbs that cannot be saved, the extent of the life-changing injuries is becoming clearer. Poor quality shots of Mr Roland Casey arriving for talks in Beirut. For months, the city, which has watched the lira lose nearly 85% of its value against the dollar, seemed to be slowly imploding amid the weight of its burdens. The Rhosus, moored in the port of Varna, Bulgaria, in 2010. Later, they brought a 360-degree camera placed at the end of a long stick and pushed it into a hole in the building.

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