vanishing on 7th street explanation croatoan

But none of this really explains the significance of the carving of the word “Croatoan” on that post or the fact that the same word has accompanied inexplicable disappearances in North America in the last few centuries, often in places far away from Roanoke Island. It was a horror movie starring Hayden Christensen and Thandie Newton and the premise was that it was the darkness that was coming for people and only took the bodies of the people, integrating them into the darkness so that they would call for their relatives to join them thus adding to this “sentient” darkness. So this is the history of “the Lost colony”. What Henry James knew, and described in English Hours (1905) – the strangeness present on a flattened seashore – M R James (no blood relation, although the two were acquainted) expressed in two of his best-known ghost stories: Oh, Whistle, and I’ll […]. That could have taken them extremely far away from the original location, hence why they were never located. They were never allowed to talk about my grandmother’s father who was by all appearances Native American. I have been watching “Haven” on the Syfy channel and I feel it is based a lot on Croatoan as well as other movies and shows…. The thoery is the Colonists did that, not the native Indians…where would you get that idea…? It would explain why there were no bones left behind.

Wow I mean com’on , disappearance that big had to be recorded and explained exactly what had happened. The empty ship story is compelling. Most probably the colonists shifted to the Croatoan Island with the natives….but that’s just a hypothesis. after googling Croatan and reading Wikipedia, this is a snipet from it’s article about how and why the word was carved……. Can any one guide me and please, I don’t want to hear about aliens. live life. ( I’m thinking this was the true thanksgiving story of a staving colony that was kindly accepted/ absorbed into their culture clearly not the case of other situations where respect for diversity should have had a better outcome.)

It is many more than ” Nothing with “croatoan” has been found anywhere else but here, so, no, it’s not that mysterious lol. There is no true answer to this, amazing, urban legend/case/story. intrigue! He went into the island where a major study is being done right now. It is, indeed, lost. I’ve already commented here months ago – that no one talks about the sadness of these people failing to create the “little piece of England” they hoped to live in. ( Log Out /  Thank you for updating us all on it. Then I would solicit those who run into a dead end somewhere to volunteer to give DNA samples. She had five siblings that were all Caucasian. I don’t think they are related to the lost colony whatsoever… Just my humble opinions on the matters. remains, no one else has used the word “croatoan” ever, anywhere. Thanks for your comment – I’d been driving my self crazy looking for references to actual usage of the word Croatoan & came up with nothing except word for word passages, such as the one in this article, listing out the same mysterious disappearances. She never knew her father’s name to compare with the list of surnames ghost they have associated with this tribe. The colonists disappeared, however, during the Anglo-Spanish War, three years after the last shipment of supplies from England. I’m done with my homework. Wow I was almost amazed I told her I heard it too just not the same night she did. I dig the premise of ‘Crotoan’ being found in those mysterious circumstances throughout history, and might make a fun book if it were to capture the OP’s fancy. it says it in the article? Lumberton , its a miracle , the only one town of indians that did not have to run. As if it was one of those “their half-eaten meals were still on the table” stories. The Croatoan Mystery. Reblogged this on Invisible Circus and commented: The natives where not with Black Bart or Amelia Earhart when they wrote CROATOAN. I think there was also some evidence of blue eyed native children later discovered in the tribe, which would indicate absorption rather than a massacre, but I’m not sure that part was true. I didn’t say anything to anyone about it. There are many factors too consider based on evidence that was presented. The Croatoan’s were a known tribe in that area. I saw you bookmarked one of my articles. Everywhere in the city were full sets of clothes just laying on the street, where people had been standing.

I have just forwarded this onto a co-worker who had been doing It’s origin is European and was made only during that era. Yisrael is correct they are also known as the Croatians, or Creteians or Cretans (from around Crete), They are really from Asia , around the Mediterranean, from Africa to Asia.
So I went looking and found your blog.

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