what size shoe does giannis antetokounmpo wear

The process of designing a signature shoe is typically part of a 14-18 month timeline. Antetokounmpo started his career wearing Kobe models and the Zoom Freak 1 design took inspiration from many of Bryant’s low-profile designs. The Milwaukee Bucks star inked a signature shoe deal with Nike this week with a shoe called the 'Giannis 1' set for release some time in 2019. Another important factor in the shoe design was influenced by the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant. As for when a “Giannis 1” sneaker may hit the market, ESPN anticipates it wouldn’t be until the start of the 2019 NBA season at the earliest. Which NBA star will be next to get a signature shoe deal is tough to predict, but Wall would appear to be in the mix of the best candidates. first signature shoe, the ‘Zoom Freak 1’ created by Nike. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Paul George are the others. When he first came into this league, he could have went anywhere else and he stayed committed to them," Wall said. The move came as little surprise, as, after his incredible start to this season with MVP caliber play and emergence as one of the league’s next megastars made the decision to retain him pretty easy for Nike, who already let adidas swoop in and take Kristaps Porzingis last year. Giannis said when he'd come out of the game, he'd give the shoes to his brother to wear so he could play. Find the latest in Greek Freak merchandise and Giannis Antetokounmpo memorabilia, or check out the rest of our NBA Basketball gear for the whole family. Giannis Antetokounmpo now has something John Wall would like for himself. Minions, Mario, And The Grateful Dead — 2020’s Weirdest Sneaker Collaborations, The Best Bourbon At Every Price Point From $10-$100, MyCover: How Collin Sexton Is Fueled By Those Closest To Him, How Josh Hart Is Turning His Love For Wine Into Industry Reform, As She Prioritizes Authenticity, FLETCHER Isn’t Interested In Being The Perfect Popstar, Black Fortune Slides Through UPROXX Sessions For A Melodic ‘Slime In My Genes’ Performance, Talib Kweli & Melina Abdullah Talk Black Lives Matter, Defunding Police, And Voting, ‘Obsessed:’ Celebrating The ‘Vast Ocean’ Of Women In Rap With Blimes And Gab, Bucks’ star announced on Instagram that he was re-signing with Nike, All The Best New R&B From This Week That You Need To Hear, All The Best New Indie Music From This Week, All The Best New Pop Music From This Week, All The Best Hip-Hop, Pop, And Dance Remix Playlists On Spotify Right Now, All Of The Best Apple Music Playlists That You Need To Be Listening To. Robby Kalland Twitter Senior Sports Writer. Giannis Antetokounmpo has injected new life into the Milwaukee Bucks franchise. He has one of the NBA's best-selling jerseys and is by no means a traditional forward or center. Giannis considers this shoe as “the most comfortable he has ever put on.” “When I take long strides, with my power, I need a comfortable shoe. With the Bucks set to play the Portland Trail Blazers later this month on Nov. 30, the brand is looking to begin that process over the coming weeks and again in person at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Antetokounmpo’s family have always been important to him, as he made abundantly clear in his tearful summer 2019 MVP acceptance speech. On the shoe you can find nods to his parents, Charles and Veronica. On the sockline you will find the words, “I am my father’s legacy”, and on the traction is a print of their roots and Giannis’ journey to the NBA. The Zoom Freak 2’s outsole is decoupled, with the heel and forefoot connected by a supportive midfoot shank. The two point to an upcoming Bucks trip to Portland as a natural starting point for the star to get to the Nike headquarters and begin discussing what he wants out of a signature sneaker. “What Giannis does in space is directly connected to his body proportions,” says Ross Klein, Senior Creative Director for Nike Basketball. Antetokounmpo's previous contract with Nike expired on Oct. 1, but he ended up re-signing after several weeks of negotiating. The 24-year-old athlete has been getting a … Getty Image. He would go on to wear the Kobe 10 for ... they asked me what I wanted to share with the people,” Giannis says. Last year, Antetokounmpo debuted his first signature shoe, the ‘Zoom Freak 1’ created by Nike. It’s not surprising that Antetokounmpo will get a signature, as he’s on that level of superstar that is deserving of his own sneaker, and it also doesn’t take an expert to imagine what that shoe will look like.

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