It is time that you put new glasses on: Your own glasses!

It is time that you face the fact that you are your own judgement.

Cure yourself.

Give yourself a whole lot of love because you have been depriving yourself from it.
And because you can not give yourself simpel love you can not give others love without conditions to deserve this love.
Love is not something you deserve.
Love is a need, like food.
Love keeps you going.

Feel that you want all this love from the people around you.

Feel that is why you are so afraid of judgement.

Because when people judge they won`t give love.
Everybody needs love to keep warm, to feel save, to feel that you count, to know that there is a reason you are in this life.
When you deprive yourself from love it is hard work to look for reasons every single day to deserve a little bit of love.
It takes a good person with a lot of love to share love every single day.

 It is time to realise the fact of the beautiful person you are, who worked so very hard in this world to be able to breath.
It is time to face the fact that you have been putting yourself down a lot in your life and thank people for criticism you did not need because only your own opinion has to count for you.
A compliment is a gift that can make your hart glow in the dark, but it wil never start glowing for long if you cannot agree with it.